Letter ID: 1279
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XII f.6r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1279/008
Date: 05 January 1596
Note: On fol.6r there is the signature 'B'.


Honnorable Sir, wee her majesties fore Captain[es] yeat faythfull, and most loyall in o[ur] place, wheare wee are Imployed, doe sa[.] unto your Lor. with these, most humblye beseachinge you to taske suche notes of a petition, the which wee have writte[n] to the States, as you in your wisdom shall finde best beseaming our honno[r] and the Repeutation of our Nation.

Wee macke noe question, but that the same shall cum unto your readinge, & theirfore will [mee], but brieflye to ad[.] unto you, the Contentes theirof. wee are by sum divellishe & moste ungodlye persons, Charged to have Intellygence, and to goe about to betraye this towne unto the Enemy yf the same maye not be prove[n] wee knowe yt can not, then doe earnestlye beseache you soe to prosecute our accusors, as that theire maye be the lycke punnish[ment] Inflicted upon them, as should have bein fitt for us, yf the same coul[d] have bein founde trewe. The grea[t] Charge from our Lord Governor, together with the assewered confyden[ce] wee have that the States will dewlye consyder what wee are, & the nateuer of the accusation dothe & hathe with helde some of fol.6v
from satisfinge our selfes [.] bloudd of them & soe the s[.] shall still cause us to pawse [.] understand what will be d[.] by them theire. and soe, as we[.] Refer our selfes to your honno[rable] care of us hearin, soe doe wee beseache your Lordship to adv[.] the delyverye of the sayed [.] by the meanes of this [berer.]

your Lord shall finde us ever [.] redie to doe you all the service [.] wee can & soe moste humblye tacke our leaves from Ostend 5 Janeuarie. 1595. Your Lor. moste liu[.] to Commaunde. [Prob gachim] Charles Brest Thomas Farances J Heochmacke George Aldryche Water F[.] Richard Su[.]