Letter ID: 0782
Reference: LPL, MS 654 f.120r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0782/008
Date: 04 January 1596



Addressed: To the right honorable my singuler good L. the Earle of Essex.

Endorsed: De Master Bodley a Master le Comte d'Essex le mois de Janvier 1596


May it please your good L. I can not remember for matter of occurrence that we were ever so barren so long together. which makes me uprovided how to answere as I would to your lettres of the 29 of November & 5 of December in which the poynt of submission of the Earle of Tyrone was wonderfull wellcome to those of this state: to whome I did import it, for that the good or ill successe, of such affayres of her Majestie may allso greatlie make or marre in all the accions & doinges of those that waver in this contrey. By our lettres out of Germany, the Cardinall of Austrich will be with us verie shortlie: though they write from other places that he maketh no such haste. But howsoever I se noe cause to stand in feare of his arrivall, if her Majestie & this people persevere in a purpose of mutuall support. For by all that I can gather by gesse or by know- ledge there is no jote of inclination, in the prinicpall partes of the bodie of this union, to runne any fortune of her then hers, or to sever or swarve in any cause what soever, of weightie respect, from her Majesties courses. How I have bene busied to parswade with Master Barnevelt to give the adventure once againe, in the matter revi- sed of my Ouverture of late, & what hath bene contrived betwen us about it, I have made a long rehersall unto my L. Tresurer wherin if we misse of the marke whereat we ayme, we shall likewise leese the fruit of a great deall of travell: which if we had bestowed when the time was fitter for it, ther was likelihood of driving a farre better bargaine. But yet I live in good hope of very good speed, with the tidinges whereof together with the notes of the state of this contrye, which your L. did desire, & I have allwayes had in minde, I trust to returne, before it be long. And so I take my humble leave. From the Hage January 4 95 Your L. most humblie bounde Thomas Bodley./