Letter ID: 0728
Reference: Hatfield, MS 30/40
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0728/008
Date: 30 January 1596
Copy of: 1285



Later Addition: XVII.90

Endorsed: Copie of my lettre to my L. Tresurer 30 January 95

Later Addition: Master Bodley


May it please your good L. Since I made my last dispatche, the 15 of this moneth, I have prevailed so farre, by some privat endevors, with certaine of the States, as by meanes of their persuasion, the rest of their Col- legues of the general States, deputed Master Barne- velt, and Master Brinnen, to repaire unto me ye- sterday, to knowe the meaning of those speeches, that I uttered unto them, at my last proposition, by way of advise, as I advertised your L. the 4 of this present. They beganne with thankes from the States and other complements of Wordes, for the special care that I had taken, to devise some ready meanes, to compose the present difference between her Majestie and them, and to project in their be- half suche a course of proceeding, as would give her cause to thinke better of their affections unto her. What might followe suche a preface, your L. will conceave, together with that answear, which I might make unto it. Wherein when I came to the pointes of the Ouverture, I founde it very re- quisit, with preadvise of Master Barnevelt, to make a change in some sort, of the forme of my proposal, and the number of the articles, and of the annual summes of paiment, with some other alterations, to dasell them a litle: but alwayes so as it might serve, for a very litle inducement, to drawe them to doe that, which the project did intend, and Master Barnevelt would prosecute. For if I had concurred with the very same plotte, that he had formerly proposed, at his being in Zyricksea, because it might have happened that some heere of the States, had bin secretly told it, by some frind of that conference, it would have wrought a great suspition of intelligence between us, and thereby fol.40v
bredde some other jalousies, then were to be neglected In which respect I thought it meete, to varie somewhat from him, and because it was but done, to serve the present turne, I hold it as impertinment, to be rela- ted to your L. But of the progresse, and the substance, of that which I negotiat, I will not comitte, any ne- cessarie circumstance: having brought it already to a very good passe, in that the assembly of the States is seased of the mater, at their owne requi- sition. For hardly would your L. beleeve of their humors, that they should be so nice and delicat to deale with: in so muche as if at first I had poured out at once, all the pointes of my Ouverture, however I had qualified my speeches unto them, with appa- rances of profit to the State of their Contrey, it would undoubtedly have astonied and not persuaded them all /a whitte/: so as I doubt the very motion would have dashed it self, at the very first [occurrence], and there afer, their good liking, to listen unto it, would have growen irrecouverable. For every nou- veltie unto them, where the mater is of weight, is greatly suspected: and I doe plainely perceave it, that they have ever some distrust of the English pro- eedinges, howe cleerely soever we may deale in our causes, which puttes me often to my shiftes, howe to speake or to treat with any one of them all. But yet in this negotiation I have spedde beyond my hope, of a favorable issue, for as farre as I have brought it, and for so short a poursuite. I may imagine very safely upon this their deputation, and by divers tokens otherwise, that it is not yet surmised that there passeth in secret any special correspon- dence between me and Master Barnevelt. Which is a very great helpe, both to him and to me, for the maneging of our businesse, with more securitie in many thinges fol.41r
and most of all in this, that he was thus appointed, to come and conferre, and after to report my spee- ches to the States: which he may doe to my advantage, and for the furtherance of the Project, in the ma- ner of his deliverie: Wherein I am assured, he wilbe diligent, and carefull. Howe the project is accepted, in the College of the States, and what is discour- sed, or objected upon it, I shall not knowe so very soone. For they will canvas it often, according to their custome. But for the better assurance of that conclusion wee desyre Master Barnevelt will traine it on, till according to the promise, which was mutually made, at the session of Zyricksea, there shalbe Depu- ties appointed out of Holland and Zeland, to conferre about it with the States: wherein he hath already affected so muche with the residue of his fellowes, as the Councell of Holland hath written already their lettres of Citation to the townes of their Province to appeere at the Hage the 18 day of February after their style, with this clause in their lettres, Pour avancer les affaires d'Angleterre, which doth as good as implie that they should come hither sufficiently autorised, which will make it I hope a very short peece of worke. We have freshe intelligence heere, that the Cardinal of Austriche doth determine for a while to keepe his Court at Namur: but there is no- thing heere besydes of special consideration. The most parte of the horsemen of this Contrey, with certaine troupes of foote, are gone thitherward of late, to give his traine an alarme, and to doe some service, if it may be: wherof and of the State of all thinges heere, Sir Francis Vere, who is come hither, and will departe within these two dayes, will informe you very fully. And so I take &c. From the Hage January 30 95