Letter ID: 1426
Reference: Kent U1475, C18/31, fol.263r - 264v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1426/008
Date: 17 December 1595
Note: The subscription is located in the left hand margin.



Addressed: To my honorable frind Sir Robert Sidney knight, L. Gouvernor of the towne of Flushing

Later Addition: Master Bodley

Later Addition: Master Bodley 17 December 1595

Later Addition: Ex[.]



Later Addition: Sir Tho Bodley to Sir Robert Sydney

Sir, for as muche as yow had written, to have her Majesties lettre addressed unto me, and it hath bin not withstanding consigned to your self, without any thing to me, of any such mater: and because in very truth, I am utterly unaquainted with any part of those affaires, ether touching the provision of powder sent unto yow, or the state of those places, that yow require to be fortified, or other particu- larities contained in the lettre, In my conceat /conceat/ it was intended, that as maters appertaining to your owne charge, and wherin yow could best pleade for her Majesties right, and answear all objections, they should be folowed by your self: as me thinkes the lettre it self, doth expresse it very plainely, by referring them unto yow. For in me, yow knowe, it were not grace, to present a lettre publickly, which is not sent unto me, and wherein I am not named, (as I am alwaies in all, that I am willed to exhibit) and of the subject wherof I am nothing so informed as that I am able, to answear and replie, and debate it with them, as is fitte. In which respect, lest the lettre should miscarie with wandring too and fro, I will retaine it with me heere, that if your leasure and commoditie will serve therunto, it may be presented by your self in person; if not, I should wishe yow to write to the General /General/ states, and signifie some reason of your not coming hither, and such mater withall, as yow shall thinke expedient, for the furtherance of your business: whereupon I will take order, that her Majesties lettre together with yowrs shall be delivered to the President of their college, and that they shall be solicited for an answear out of hande: which is the very best course, that I think upon yet, to be taken in your behalf. The copie of the lettre I return heere inclosed. As yet I have no answear to my last dispatche into England, nor a scrappe, of any newes, that is worth your paines to read it for which I leave yow saluted and resoluted very hartely. From the Hage December 17 15/5/95 Your most affectionat frind to doe yow service Tho. Bodley