Letter ID: 1271
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XI f.214r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1271/008
Date: 05 December 1595


But forasmuche as none can better deale inwardly & privatly with Monsieur Barnevilt then your selfe, Her Majestie would have you intymate unto him, That howsoever her Majestie may be con- tent externallie to digest this manner of dealinge for the tyme, because the common Ennemy shall not make his particuler advantage of any drynesse betwe/e/n the Queene and them; yet can it not but worke somme Impression of unkindnesse in her Majesties princely brest, which will breake out at one tyme or other: and therefore to advise him, as a good Patryott to them, and a wellwiller to the common cause, to worke them to some better fashion: whom you may assure That if they shall come over presently with power to offer as good a Project at the least, or a better if yt may be, then that which he delivered you at /your/ last returne, That in suche case both shee will particulerly have sence of his good affection, and can be contented that they shall send their Deputies, whom shee will favourably receave as messengers from her frindes and neighbours, at which tyme you may ether returne in their company or some fewe dayes before them, as you see cause. Her Majestie hath in this forme given like aun- swere to their Agent, who I doubt not will clear/e/ly & par- ticulerly relate the same.