Letter ID: 1265
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XI f.192r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1265/008
Date: 22 October 1595
Note: A line has been drawn perpendicularly in the left hand margin, enclosing the text.
Copy of: 0489


May it please your good L. After so muche deliberation as in my last unto your L: the 19 of this moneth I reported at large, The States deputed Master Barnevelt and Master Vanderwerke with the Greffier of their College, to acquaint me with the tenor of two several lettres which they have written to her Majestie and the LL. of the Councell. it tending onely to excuse their protracting of their answear to her Majesties demandes, to shewe their curiousnes always in observing the Contract, to foresignifie the dangers, if the people should be told that her Majesties would dissolve it, and to intreate her to have patience will their State will permitte that they use a shorter course and to give her better contentation, They requyred me withall went a vehement kinde of speeche, That as I tendered the advancement of her Highnes service: and the good correspondence between thes two contreis, and as I knewe their allegations to be true and unfained, and found in conversation a hard conceat the people had of this demand of restitution, I should second their lettres with others of myne owne, and deale in that behalf with all sinceritie and roundenesse, wherby her Highnes might forbeare from taking an extreme or rigorous course against them. Whereunto for an answear I signified againe, that in all tht they desyred I had done my duetie throughly by my former adver- tisementes and had faithfully delivered all their reasons to her Majestie in every suche material point as their lettres made remonstrance: all which notwithstan- ding her Highnes could not find, but if so be they would endevor to persuade the Generalitie, and therin use their opportunities with that dexteritiie and wisdome, as they are wont in weightie causes, they might draw them to the payment of some convenient portion, wherby perhaps she might be moved not to presse them for a while to any further remoboursement. But when nothing at all is presented /un/to her, /considering her/ long and chargeable succors, and considering her present domesticall necessities, with other manifold occasions of which they had bin by me informed at full, and they of themselves could make the reckning well enough, it could not choose but engender some notable alienation. Moreover, for my self I had bin expressly charged, not to yeeld or to hearken to any dilatorie answear, for which they were not to attend my conveyance of their lettres, nor any other office, that might any way seeme to favor their present resolution. Of that which passed too and fro to this effect, and the lyke they made relation to their Col- lege, who for ought I can perceave goe onward fol.192v
with their purpose to send away those lettres, which [I think] they will consigne to their Agent Master Caron. The Councell of Estate was very earnestly [bent to have] sent unto her Majestie some men of good account [and the] States I am persuaded had followed that counsai[le] but /that/ they stayed their proceeding upon my prohibi[tion.]

And thus remaining uncertaine what course [of] further dealing wilbe pleasing to her Majestie I [will] attend in that behalf your L. good direction, and [take] my humble leave. From the Hage 22 of October.