Letter ID: 1260
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XI f.128r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1260/008
Date: 27 August 1595
Copies: 0715 


May it please your good L: By a former lettre written the 17 of this moneth, I made reporte unto your L: howe I founde them heere affected to the mater of my message. They have delegated sins certaine persons of their college, to repaire to Co: Maurice and the Counsell of Estate, with their advise to be assisted in framing of their answear, These, it is thought will hasten their retourne, and be heere againe, I ghesse within these 8 dayes at the furthest. In the meane season if either my owne endevors, or the travailes of my frindes had bin able to discover, to what kinde of course they are secretly inclined, I have used all my meanes and my uttermost diligence: and yet I rest as uncertaine as when I came hither. But if I should imparte my private conjecture, as I can not well perceave, that their state is sufficient to give her Highnes contentation of any good portion, so I doubt, if it were, there will nothing be obtained, but by a newe Treatie. For this I finde to be a reason when the mater is referred to the peoples resolution, That to yelde to any paiment by vertue of the Contract, were to construe the Contract to be ended already, and to confesse that they are bounde to a present remboursement of all that debt unto her Majestie, which I finde by all their hu- mors is a meere impossibilitie to persuade them to acknowledge. Heere is at this instant a troublesome advertisement come from the Campe, That the 23 of this moneth Co: Philip going fourth with 500 horse, to charge a watche of the Enemie of 3 Cornets (upon notice of it given to the Enemie before by some spial among us) in lieu of those 3 he founde at e least 14 and a 1000 foote in ambusche, The charges and [rescues] and all the fight of our horsemen was valiantly per- fourmed, but oppressed in the end with the Enemies numbers, were forced to returne with the losse of 40 men, and 70 horse for which we had 80 horse of the Enemie, and 16 prisoners having slaine by supposal above a hundred: But Co: Philip himself was grievously hurt, and taken prisoner, wt the younge Co: Ernest his brother, and Co: Ernest of Solmes a very gallant young gentleman, who was also so hurt, as neither he nor Co: Phillip are lyke to escape it fol.128v
Sir Nicholas Parker in this encounter, is noted to hav[e done] very singular service. It was bruted heere a [while] that de Fuentes was removed from the siege of Ca[mbray] but this day we have lettres from Abbeville and [Calais] that he continueth very stronge, and doth use [many] meanes to streiten the Towne, which is all that I can [signi-] fie for this present to your L: and so I take my humble leave. Hage 27 August 95