Letter ID: 1254
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XI f.102r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1254/008
Date: 1595
Copies: 0901 



Endorsed: My ouverture to [[her]] Majestie [[.]] May.


The effect of a motion made unto me by a principall person of the States./.

Knowing as he did, the perfect State of every Province, he was very well assured, that they were not in case to rembourse so great a sume as her Majestie requyred, or as they, if they could would willinglie accorde to her Satisfaction: nevertheles to manifest their gratitude by suche meanes as they were able he thought the Contrey might be drawen by force of good persuasion to these particular grantes.

To acquyte her Highnes presently of all the charges of he auxili arie forces in those Contreys, and also of the Cautionarie, whensoever her Majestie shalbe pleased to redeliver their Townes.

To make an yerly paiment of 20000li sterling, to be presented her with an honorable Ambassade, and to continue the said paiment for a certaine nomber of yeres, as the agreement shalbe made between her Highnes and them.

To assist her with their Shipping, or other meanes whatsoever to their uttermost abilitie, upon any requisition in all her occasions.

Not to enter into Treatie of Peace with the K: of Spaine or to conclude with any Potentat any mater of importance without her Highnes for knowledge and speciall allowance

To pay unto her Majestie after suche tyme as their Contrey shalbe brought to a peaceable State, or become united with the [In margin: [[.]]no doubt of [[.]]e, albeyt he [[.]] not name tht [[.]]ely unto me]
rest of the Provinces the yerly sume of a 100000li for the space of 4.5. or more yeres, as by Contract shalbe ac- corded. He thought the consent of the States might be wonne to the foresaid Articles upon this onely condition. That during the tyme of their troubles and warres, they may be permitted to entertaine to the nomber of 4000 English soldiers, to be alwayes renfor- ced as occasion shalbe offered. And this they doe desyre, to the ende the world may conceave, that they fol.102v
continue still protected and deffended by her M[[.]] countenance, they acknowledge to steede them [[.]] as the quantitie of her succors. How[[.]] Highnes could be pleased, to stryke up all kinde [[.]] ninges with this frindly conclusion, he was [[.]] tedly persuaded, it would give a very great [[.]] ment to the inhabitants of those Provinces [[.]] a singular conservation of the auncient ami[[tie and]] alliance between the two nations, and redound [[.]] posterities to her Highnes commendation, whereas a[[.]] course of stricter dealing with them, would b[[.]] dislyked of all other Princes, that favour their [[.]] and happelie not effected, but by violence and [[.]] which might presently occasion their utter con[[.]] and turne her Majestie in lyke maner to some [[.]] ble inconvenience.

Cecy est mot a mot le que j'ay presente a sa Majestie Tho: Bodley