Letter ID: 1251
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XI f.66r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1251/008
Date: 28 September 1595



Later Addition: [.] [Middel]borough

Sir, To tell yow briefly my opinion, as touching that course, which the Companie in London have taken of late, All the good that can come of it, will be losse of tyme and travel. Master Caron I knowe is a right honest gentleman, and will undoubtedly take paines to give you good content. But having throughly conferred with his principals heere, his endevors in Conclusion will all come to nothing. For where it is required that some order may be taken for a just reduction of their coines to their estimat and value, it was done by their Placart in the yere 94. which is agreable to that of the yere 86 and hath as much as you requeest with penalties and forfaites for those that shall offend. And as for me, I can not Learne that any Province or towne that is of this union, setting Middleborgh a part, doth admitte other rates in the currancie of their monies, then the Placaert alloweth. Once, to speake upon knowledge, I see the states are very carefull, to have their ordinance observed, and they wryte very strictly to their officers about it, But yet they can not so provide but abuses will creepe in, as in all other States the lyke doth dailie happen: and sooner happilie heere with them, then in any other Contreys, by meanes of this continuance of their warres and trou- bles: which enforce them in many thinges, to see and not to see the disorder of the commons: And whereas besydes it is alleaged, that by the enhansing of their moneys the Marchant Seller sometymes, in lieu of good gayne of fine upon the hundred, at the tyme of his sale, is so muche a looser at the tyme of his payment, it is every mans case aswell as yours, and to provyde for you and not for others, it will but seeme you may be sure a very hard motion: especially when the seller may condition with the buyer, to be payed at the rates that the Placaert ordaineth. About the point of taring both I and Master Gilpin have debated very often with some of the chiefest, who have told us in good frindship, howe to meete with those abuses, and that to deale in othe sorte then their direction was unto us, it were to stryve against the streame. Their advise in that behalf we have imparted unto you, and to the Companie in London wherof when Master Caron is well informed by his frindes he will frame yow such an answear, as hath bin for- merly delyvered. Thus hoping that my plainesse will be rightly conceaved and construed, as I meane it for the good of your societie, I commmend all your actions to gods good direction. Hage 28 September 95.