Letter ID: 1242
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XI f.39br-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1242/008
Date: 08 March 1595
Copy of: 0471



Endorsed: Sir Ro. Cecill March 8 1594.

Sir, I have receaved the 59li 11s 8d and delivered and bill, for which I thanke yow.



Later Addition: Belgia 1595 stilo Romano 8 March Bodly to Sir Ro: Cecill

May it please your H. to be advertised that according to your lettre [of] the 21 of February which I have receaved, and humbly thancke yo[w for] it, I am greatly desyrous to take any fitte course that Sir [Horace] might be payed. The debt hath bin requyred by m[y] proposition, not as the rest in generall termes, but as desyred [by] her Majestie to be first of all discharged and I looke for a[n an-] swear every daye. Thereafter as they frame it I must [referre] it to her Majestie or replie upon it heere: wherein I will [not] omitte to alleadge for Sir Horace, what is meetest for his [purpose:] and to draw them if I can to acknowledge those 2 poi[nts,] which your H. hath sette downe. Howbeyt I have signified [already] by a former unto you, wherupon they will insist, as I ghess[ed by] the speeches, which I had with some in pryvat. If on[ce they] should discharge a debt of that nature, they are soe m[uche] afraide that the consequence of it, as I make full accou[nt, I] shall sooner winne them to rembourse to her Highnes, a g[reat ] sume of mony by vertue of that right, wherby she doth [demande ] this general restitution, then any little debt that was made by [them in] Brabant. Nevertheles I will doe my best endevor, sith [it is her] Highnes pleasure, it being sufficient to make me employ all m[y] wittes, though your H. recommendation might move me to doe any thing, and otherwyse of my selfe I will be weary of noe paynes in any cause of Sir Horace Pallavicine.