Letter ID: 1240
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XI f.36r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1240/008
Date: 24 February 1595
Note: On fol.36r there is the signature 'J' twice, once in pencil and once in ink.
Copy of: 0468


May it please your H. to be advertised, that having perused Sir William Brookes specialties, and conferred with suche as are through- ly acquainted with those affaires, I finde that at the tyme the Provinces of Holland and Zeeland were not joyned with the rest of the States from whome his unckle receaved his commission and ordinance. In which respect they will aunswear that the debt is not theirs in whole nor in parte. And besydes the registers and reckning bookes for those matters are still remayning in Brabant at Brussels, en la chambre des aides, without the which although the debt were theirs, they could doe nothing. By reason of these and other lyke exceptions, I see there is no hope to recover any thing at all, by vertue of those wrytinges: unles the Provinces were all united, and yet happely then very little and very had hardly. The writinges I will either send backe, or reserve till I returne, as Sir William lyketh best. Sir Horatio Pallacavicines mater is heere unpleasing altogether. For if once they shold beginne to discharge the debtes of Brabant, their marchants they saye should not traffick in quiet, in any place of Europe: in regarde of the arrests of a multitude of creditors to which their persons and goodes would ever be subject. Besides it is affirmed, that wheras at the making of the Contract, my L. Tresurer was desirous to have had that debt ex- pressely inserted; their Deputies then in England opposed ear- nestly against it, declaring plainely, that they wold rather breake of all, then be tyed to that condition. When I tell them of the favor which they shewed to Coronel Stuart, they say they could not then doe otherwise, beyng dealt withall extreamely. For both the K: and the borowe townes of Scotland granted lettres of reprisal upon these Contries: and the lyke was done by the K. of Denmarke, wher- by they were enforced, and not induced unto it.

Howe I have proceeded in her Majesties affayres, I make account you are informed, by that which I have written unto my L. Tresurer and though the States startle at it, yet I hope in the ende by struggling with them, to drawe them to doe somewhat. But where her Majestie doth requyre to have them presently beginne to pay some portion in hande, it will steede me very much if after her Highnes hath bin mooved it may please my L. Tresurer or your H. to intimat unto me upon what certaine summe I shall insist fol.36v
for present payment, and howsoone it must be payed: w[hich I would] not signifie heere in her Majesties name, but in pryvate [communi-] cation as proceeding from my selfe. The knowledg[e hereof ] in good tyme, will make /inable/ one greatly for the compassing of m[y buisness.] For if the summe be not muche, nor the daye over shorte, it [serveth] in lieu of a special persuasion. And when they are e[ntered into ] payment, I doe not doubt the continuance: if their state gro[w no] worse, then it is at this present. And soe referring th[is point] to your honorable consideration, and requesting your aun[swear] with the first opportunitie, I take my humble leave. From the Hage February 24 1594.