Letter ID: 1238
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XI f.31r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1238/008
Date: 14 February 1595



Later Addition: [.] [Bo]dly

Right honorable, my very good L. your lettre of the 10 of January hath founde me out at the Hage, for which I humbly thanke your L. and according to the tenor, I am very desirous, that the farmor of Hindons should prosecut that suite, for your L. right, but that I doubt his knowledge and sufficiencie for folowing suche a mater, And therfor if your L. could like better, to depute some solicitor of your owne, I will passe very willingly my state unto him in that behalf, and will doe any thing more to that effect, that shall be required. Because I may presume, that the occurrence of this place be welcome unto yow, I can not omitte to advertise your L. that the castel and towne of Huy, or Hoy, in the land of Liege are newly surprised by some souldi- ers of this contrey. For although it be a place that is neutral, yet it hath bin a long practise both of our side and the Enemies, to be bold with our neighbor townes for the advancement of our purposes. This is situat on the river of Mose, and in the middest of divers riche Provinces, which will yelde in the end a great con- tribution to the states of these contreis. It is held by us with 600 foote, and 200 horse, and it lieth within 16 dutche miles of the Duke of Bouillon, whose forces are at this present (together with those of the states, which are with him under the conduct of Co. Philip de Nassau) 9000 foote, and 1500 horse. The states have a meaning after some time of trial of the convenience of this place, to take and fortifie some towne between it and Breda: for their better assurance, and fur- ther annoiance of the Enemie. This is as muche as we have sturring at this present worth the knowledge of your L. wherewith beseeching yow and my lady to serve your turne of me, ether heere or wheresoever yow find me any way able to doe yow any service, I take my humble leave. From the Hage. February 14 1594. Your L. at commaundement Tho. Bodley.