Letter ID: 1233
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XI f.20r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1233/008
Date: 23 January 1595


Sir. By your last dispatch, her Majesty is referred untyll fur- ther proceeding uppon the States further consultation and therfore I can for the present send you no other Resolution or dyrection. This lettre ther- fore must serve only to advertise you of the receipt, and also to dischardg part of my debt, for the just and favorable dealing with the Gentleman whose case I recomended to you, and from whom I fynd by him, he hath receaved so many Tokens demonstra- tively of your respect to my lettres in his behalf as I can not be long sylent from ackno- ledging your kindenes therin, and as I acownt it an ornament to my Fortune to be followed /accompanied/ with the Affection of such a one as your self, so wyll I accompt it a contentment and /an/ and honor to my self, to be /so/ fortunate as to requite it wh with like measure, according to the op- portunity of Tyme and Occasion which I wyll not omitt at any Tyme.

Her Majesty is not well pleased wth their coldnes, and /nor/ with Barnevelts Incertainty, but I see she is resol- ved to expect, and so I hold it best.

I have now no more to advertise you nor troble yow and therfore I end my lettre abruptly and rest Your loving and assured friend Robert Cecyll From the Court at Rychmond the 23th of January 1595