Letter ID: 0779
Reference: LPL, MS 652 f.229r-230v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0779/008
Date: 29 November 1595



Endorsed: De Master Bodley a Master le comte d'Essex le mois de novembre 1595


May it please your good L. Being sudainely oppressed, when I made my last dispatch with a fitt of that griefe, which doth never spare me longe, I could not stay out the writing of a lettre to your Lp. nor yet now as I would for the same indisposition. But yet to keepe on the course of doing my duetie I cannot wholy forbeare, though my matter be but slender, having three dayes agoe bestowed all my store upon Sir Robert Cecill Onely this is some what more that where the states had resolved to reserve Taxis lettre to indure it at the comming of the Germaine Peacemakers, they have since thought it better to send it to the Emperor and the Princes of Germany and to every one in particular of the appointed Commissi- oners with special lettres from themselves to direct them yf they came from their purposed Ambassade, or els to drawe them by that meanes to consulte a fresh upon it: which will require some length of time that when of force every one must send unto other, and all unto the Emperor and he to them again and assigne some other meetinges which as they in their busines are wont to proceed will be hardly dispatched in 5 or 6 monethes they feare shall have gained a very great advantage, for de- feating alltogether the deseigne of the enemie for heere they do consider that nowe of late they have stoode in ticklish tearmes and that as yet there is no shewe of any great amendment that if at this instant a troupe of thes princes shold chance to come hither for so they may without a passeporte not comming from the [Enemy] and coverse among the people with sugred parsuasions all this state in a moment might be tourned upside downe. Taxis lettre to the K. doth manifest the meaning of the chief of that Councell that it hath no other drifte but to intrappe and betray and tyrannise at last. The lettre in my opinion yf your L. have not redde it, is not unworthye so much paines aswell for the matter as to see how a Spanyard in a question of state doth runne to live and levell and giveth every point and circumstance his parfect consideration.

A late resolution by the Enemies sea men in Dunkerke, and els where is drawne such of ours as they take upon the seas which they used heretofore to put unto a ransome, doth very much amase our merchants and fishers for that they doubt they shall be forced to sue for sauvegardes which was never done hitherto being pointes of such importance as they cannot falle in practise, but wth very great apparance of a dangerous sequele. The state herupon is very much trobled, to devise to meete with all inconveniences. The suspition doth encrease of the enemies intent to come before Calais by reason of some provisions which are made at St Omer. and the opinion is here of sundrie parsons of skill at is no great masterie, to cutt of that haven. fol.229v
Sith nothing els is offered I cannot end my lettre wth a better conclu- sion then with my last humble suite to be favoured by your Lp: in your speeches to her Highnes for my licence to come home: where my presence is so needefull as if it could be seemely for me, to troble your Lp. with such matters I shold make it appeare in two or three lives, that never any had more reason to crave the assistance of his frendes, for his speedy retourne. And thus I take my humble leave, with like request unto your Lp. to imparte unto her Majestie and my L. Tresurer the resolution of the states to write unto the emperor from the Hage. November 29 95. Your Lps. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley