Letter ID: 0776
Reference: LPL, MS 651 f.231r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0776/008
Date: 05 June 1595



Endorsed: De Master Bodley a Monsieur le Comte d'Essex le 5me la Juin 1595


Maie it please your good Lp, here come to visit me yester even Sir Robert Sidney, whether onlie of goodwill to see me or to feele my disposition for retorninge into Hollande, or to informe himself of somwhat els, I cannot verie well conjecture but to signifie my suspition, I thowght it either proceeded of that which I had written in a schedule to your Lop which I surmised yow might shewe, or upon his owne desire to be imploied in that busines whereto I am perswaded my L. Tresurer will be willinge for all his speeches sounded, as yf he sought for some instruccion to prepare himself to suche a purpose, howbeit I would not seeme to finde it thoughe I cast out a worde wherto he answeared nothinge) that I knewe no fitter then himself to performe that service with the States. Yf there be suche a matter towardes and your Lop pleased with it I would be glad to help it forwarde withall incouragements unto him, as occasions are presented beinge fullie bent for my self to goe forwardes /on/ onwardes with my Course to wind my self out of the bryars which I thought not impartinent to signifie to your Lop.