Letter ID: 0770
Reference: LPL, MS 651 f.141r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0770/008
Date: 25 May 1595



Endorsed: de Monsieur Bodley le 2[[4]] de may 1595


Sir, I sturred not abroade these ten daies, nor I knowe not when I shall, sith I see so litle hope of better usage at the Court: where I heare for my comfort, that the Queene on Munday last did wishe I had bin hanged. And if withall I might heare, that I should be discharged, to I would sing Benedetto sial giorno el mese, et l'anno. The inclosed I receaved this morning out of Zeland, which hath nothing of mo- ment, but yet it may serve, to intertaine yow half an houre, as I would come to doe the like, if I durst goe out of doares: for which I am certaine yow will hold me excused, and repute me as I am Your assured to be used in all your occasions Tho. Bodley 24 May