Letter ID: 0716
Reference: Hatfield, MS 35/29
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0716/008
Date: 25 September 1595
Copy of: 0488



Later Addition: XVII. 33.

Endorsed: The copie of my lettre to my L. Tresurer 25 September.


May it please your good L. It is nowe ten dayes and more, that the Deputies of the States which were sent to take advise of Co. Maurice and the Councel, returned to the Hage. And sins I have observed, that both they and the rest have bin dyvers tymes together, to consult upon the maters in so muche as I supposed, that either they before this, would have sent for me unto their College, or deputed some to tell me, to what effect they had resolved. But being secretly informed that they had varied in opinions, and surceased for the tyme to deliberat upon it, I requested to have au- dience in their publicke meeting, where I put them in remembrance of all the course of my proceeding in this negotiation: howe long it had bin, sins the mater was proposed: howe many lettres her Highnes had written unto them: and howe great occasions were presen- ted, that she might worthelie disdaine this long delaieng of their aunswear: with suche other allegations, as fitted that argument. Wherto their speeches returned were so vehement, and earnest, and full of solemne protestations, as I can not calle to minde, that I have heard them at any tyme doe the lyke heeretofore. For of all the troublesome accidents, that hapned among them, sins the union of their Provinces, they affirmed very constantly, that there had not and at any tyme either busied them longer, or grieved them more, or caried so muche danger, if it were not well conducted, as this proposal of her Majestie. For which they urged me exceedingly, to move her Highnes to consider the composition of their gouvernment, the humor of the people, and the state of their fol.29v
affaires, which in a cause of this nature, would by no meanes admitte a speedier dispatche. They had sent, they sayed, of purpose, to the Councel of Estate, to require their advise upon her Majesties demaunde: which had already bin reported by their Deputies unto them, but it prooved so de- fective, as they were ayded nothing by yt: for which they had resolved, to send their lettres out of hand, to request their presence at the Hage, so that they hoped very shortly, to come in con- ference teogether, and then to growe to some con- clusions which was the effect of all their answear: though I did my best endevor, to drawe them by persuasion, to some present resolution. For my privat opinion of the sequele of this mater, it is no other in no respect, then I have formerly declared, by my lettres to your L. Heere is nothing to be heard, but complaints of all handes that I may say in this mater, as I could never yet in any that touched her Majestie, That of all that heeretofore I have founde in this Contrey well affected unto her, I doe not knowe so much as one, that will affourd the least aide, or any token of allowance, or favor in this mater. The enemies Campe and ours are still together as they were, but that 20 troupes of ours are going for Picardy, to witte 10 of this Contrey, under Monsieur de Nassau, and the regiment of Scottes, which are lykewise 20 Companies, under Coronel Murrey. And yet we thincke that Co. Maurice is somewhat stronger then Mondragon, who hath sent away no part of his forces to de Fuentes, nor doth not intend by Common conje- cture, unles the Kinge come the stronger. Of de Fuentes proceedinges, I thincke your L. intelligence is surer then ours, and sooner brought unto yow. fol.30r
Heere is very litle hope that the Kinge will be able to rescue the place, aswell in regard of his want of men and meanes, and for the slacknesse of his coming. And the Enemie, we say, is already in the rampartes, using all expedition, both by batterie, and by mining, to frustrat his arrival. And so I take &c.