Letter ID: 0712
Reference: Hatfield, MS 33/30
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0712/008
Date: 11 July 1595
Copies: 0627 



Later Addition: XVII.[33] Master Bodley 1594/5/ July 11 for his Discharges of [letters] to England Cop. & Ex.


May it please your good L. to vouchesafe to calle to mynde, and to make it knowen to her Majestie that the soddaine decease of my brother and factor, who for five yeares together had all my substance in his handes hath brought me so muche comber, as first of force I must have leasure to recover myne owne, and then after to dispose it, to mainteine my poore estate, but most of all to finde a frinde, to whose custodie and charge I may comitte all my dealinges. for difficilis est cura resp alienaque, and a person of that truste is not easilie gotten. If her Highnes upon this (which is as great an allegation, as can any way concerne a man of my qualitie) be not moved to release me. I have nothing more to pleade, but to conforme my self to all that she shall commande. I have onely this petition to make unto her Majestie wherein I humbly beseeche you of your Honorable furtherance, that in regard of almost seven yeares continuall im- ploiment in one place, during which tyme I have had little comfort of my contrey and frindes, but have bin greatly damnified through my absence from home and shall be more and more whensoever I doe re- urne, it may please her Majestie to allowe me that which is behinde of my ordinarie entertainment, sith others of those contreis that returne upon licence, receave it alwayes of course. Of 14 monethes pay I had a warrant for 3 in January last: but there remayneth unpayed from the 11 of June in the yere 94 to the 4 of May ensuing: which if I might obtaine, it would repare in some part my dome- ticall detrimentes. I could use many reasons to proove the equitie of my suite, but it is not my intent to be troublesome that way: onely this fol.30v
I would desire to be considered in my favor, that in all this tyme of my service in the Lowe Contreis, I ne- ver craved allwance for the portage of letters, which have bin chargeable to me, nor for the expenses of many messengers, which I have purposely imployed, by expresse commaundement, and with promise of rem- boursement, sometimes upon her Majesties owne letters, and sometymes by order from the LL. of the Councell, from your L. and Sir Francis Walsingham, about the causes of Skencke, of the Amon of Tiel, of Monsieur Sonoy, of the banished men of Utrecht and Leiden, of the towne of Gertrudenbergh, when it fell from he States, and for sundrie businesses besides, for which all my charges being put in a reckning, will growe to a greater summe, then I have reason to neglect. Wherupon if for these and more respectes then I doe signifie, I shall either be considered in my foresaid petition, or discharged with favor /altogether/, which I doe chiefely desyre, I will account it such a benefit conferred upon me, as if any endevor in my power can deserve it of your L. I will omitte no opportunitie to approove my gratitude unto you and so I take my humble leave. July 11.