Letter ID: 0711
Reference: Hatfield, MS 32/89
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0711/008
Date: 09 June 1595



Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Robert Cecyll Knight of her Majesties privie Councel.

Endorsed: 9 Junij 1595 Master Bodley to my Master.


May it please your H. of your favor, to make knowen to her Majestie that I am utterly yet unable to take any jorney. For malis mala succedunt, and one indisposition doth so drawe an other to it, as I am cleane out of strength, and also out of hope of any speedy recoverie. I will not trouble your L. with any other allegation, albeit my privat state doth stand in suche danger,by the deadly sicknesse of a frind (of whose amendement I despaire), as without apparance of my ruine I can not possibly goe from home. If yow vouchesafe heereupon to acquaint her Majestie with my case, and to move her for an other to be sent in my steede, which could not be differred in my simple judgement, I will take it from your H. for a singular benefit. And so I take my humble leave. 9 June Your H. humble at commandement. Tho. Bodley.