Letter ID: 0603
Reference: TNA, PC 2/21/79
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0603/008
Date: 21 December 1595
Note: Privy Council copy.


[In margin: A lettre to Master Bodley & Master Gilpin./]
After our &c. There is order given by the Officers of the Ordynance in the Tower to one William Beale to make provicion of a certeine proporcion of matche for her Majesties store, who hathe a purpose to provide the same in some of those provinces United. Yow shall therefore in her Majesties behalf moove & require suche as represent the States Generall residing there at the Hague of the Councell of estate (as yow shall thinck most convenient) to parmitt the said William Beale, or suche as he shall depute, by whome theis our lettres shalbe brought unto yow, to provide & trannsport hither into this Realme for her Majestie, suche quantity of matche, or any other needefull provicion for her Martiall services, as he or they expresse unto yow. And that they be therein favoured and assisted aswell for the prises, as for meanes to conveie the same hither into England; which we trust they will not refuse, for that (as we remember) it is by the Contract accorded that her Majestie may at all tymes uppon occacions, buy & provide any suche kyndes within the provinces of the Unyon. Wherein also we require yow to yeld to the said Beale or his factor your uttermost aide & furtherance./