Letter ID: 0492
Reference: TNA, SP 84/51/221 f.219r-220v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0492/008
Date: 07 November 1595
Note: On fol. 219v there is an insertion on line 5 whose caret (the mark noting the insertion) appears on the line below. The insertion has been transcribed where this caret is located. The insertions on fol.219v are by Sir Robert Cecil.
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Endorsed: 7 November 1595 To Master Bodley Copie /

Later Addition: 7 November 95.


Master Bodley: I am verie sorie, to have cause at this present to excuse my lordes not writing to yow by his indisposicion of bodie, whome nowe the goute possesseth in his right hande, but being commanded by his Lo: to deliver yow th'occasion of his silence, I trust it shall suffice to cleare my Conceipt in yow of /any/ further neglect /towards yow/ yow shall understand that some seven or eight deies past, my LLes of the Counsell being togeither to take some present ordre for the Composicion of a Navye, and thereby falling into an account, that some proporcion must be had from other Contries: they thought it fitt to send for Master Caron to propownd to him a Request to be made to Th'estates (agreable to some Condycions of the Contract) That they should send to joyne with her majestie suche convenient numbers of shippes, as shee might thereby the better being inabled to defend her selfe, and them: wheruppon he making some difficultie, alleaging therunto besides the great Perturbacions they were in, by meanes of your ernest prosecucion of her majesties demaundes; the LLes having feelinglie perceaved by your wise and substantiall wryting what yow conceaved would be the sequele (as of them selves) did only use this speache. That if he would assure, that they would straine them selves to any good proporc[ion] of this assistance, they would be come Intercessors to her mayestie [.] to cease for the present her further importuning of the greater [.] commytted to your Charge. Hee seemed hereuppon very ready to int[.] it to Thestates, when the LLes should assure him that the Queene would be induced to such a pryvate moderacion. But contrary to his promyse, when the LLes goeing to the Corte found the Queene unresolved of this Course, and sent to him to staie any such overture to be made to Thestates untill her Mayestie might more fully determyne; he confessed he had already dispatched a Messenger to Comfort Thestates that he hoped well of bringing it to passe That for this season the Queene would dispence with them uppon that condycion, and the LLes medyacion. Nowe Sir to the intent yow may not find it strange that if any such advertisement have proceeded this your authenticall dispatche: I have thought fytt to acquaint yow withall the Circumstances, as a matter well knowen to my LLes that dealt in it: But nowe to be trew And now that since their last lettres of fol.219v
the xxviijth of Octobre arryved; this Resolucion hath succeeded which nowe yow receave: To which /as/ I maie nowe well referre /to it/ yow being large and with the best warrant: So doe I hope yow will find by the stile, /variing from the former/ that such good offices in your particuler have ben performed as your care, and dilligence was worthie /hath deserved/ of, and as your friendes could possibly procure yow /by making it seem/. Wherwith in haste I recommend yow to Godes favour and wishe yow good successe, thoughe I am not hopefull of the Last Article, which her mayestie would needes have inserted./