Letter ID: 0490
Reference: TNA, SP 84/51/213 f.213r-214v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0490/008
Date: October 1595
Note: There are two crosses in the margin by the text on f.214r, one after 'to be betrayed' and one before 'Yet rather then any'.


After our hartie commendacions: Her majestie hath seen all such lettres as have ben directed unto me the L: Threasurer from yow since yowr departure, and speciallie that of the xixth of October (being the last received from yow, wherby shee hath fullie ben informed of the whole course of yowr proceeding with The states in all such matters as were Commytted to yowr charg: and therin alloweth both yowr discrecion and dilligence wherof for yowr Comfort her majestie hath commanded us to give yow knowledg and for yowr further direccion is pleased, that wee should signifie this unto yow /that which/ as followeth./ Uppon Considercion of all the partes of yowr lettre particulerly recyting bothe the Reasons which they have /used/ made yow, for their impossibilites to satisfie owr demandes whie they should not be able to /now be yeld forborn from/ satisfi/eng/ owr demandes as also what yow have gathered of the present state of their affaires wee are comanded to let yow knowe That most of the argumentes which they have used might easely be aunswered if the Tymes be compared, when her majestie first did make her /began her late/ demandes; for where it is alleaged, that they have prospered ill this sommer, that they have founde [.] slowe Contribucions, that Thenemy hath prevayled, and that they nowe are /newly/ awakened with the course of the King of Spaines Proposicions of Pacyficacion, a matter lyke to be pleasing to the popularitie, It might be aunswered, that her mayjestie /by yow/ propounded her demandes after their victories /at Groning/ and before the Spanish armye ether there, or els where had gayned any extraordynar

Reputacion, and before /you and wher/ the condycion of their affaires did not promyse any such apparance of further /the apparance of such those/ difficulties wherof they nowe do make so great Representacion, And this /besides/ further /therfore/ you may assure them that if their Reasonnes to deferre, have /any/ just foundacion at this tyme, her majestie if shee were as partiall to her selfe, as others are [.] might /could/ never more demonstratyvely make good the Reasons for her more ernest importunible/niary/ with them /to some spedy/ for her satisfaccion /remboursment/ For both is /then now when both/ her mayjestie distracted /is in combent/ throughe the present Rebellion in Ireland, and mightely threatned from all /when she is advertized from all Partes/ with /of/ a mayne Invasion /intended against/ uppon her owne /Kingdom/ Caste - allwhich thoughe shee contemne in regard of the Justnes of her cause (whom God hath heretofore blessed with victory uppon their prowdest attemptes) yet if pryvate parsonnes and Common wealthes are /be/ justifiable when they preferre their owne particuler consideracions, /somuch/ before /all/ other occasions, by the same lawe of Nature and Reason her Mayjestie /being a Souveraine Prince/ who hath of her selfe subcisted without ayd from any other, and hath relieved all others /her confederats in their/ betwene whom and her their hath ben confederacies, /Necessitys/ ought chiefely to respect at this tyme her owne safetie, and the good of her Kingdome And yet Notwithstanding /stet/ all which consideracions wherby /these/ /stet/ her mayjestie /Neither can/ hath just cause [.] [think] /hath cawse to/ to thincke her selfe unkyndly /stet/ deall withall fol.214r
/and/ especiallie for that one part /point/ of their desires to be forborne /in regard of some/ is [proceeded] uppon literall construccions of the contract (a thing not /which she argument she never/ expected /shold be/ to be stood /used to her whom/ uppon where care and /princely/ affeccion /chiefly only incited to support them, without any/ [with] the only oryginall of her majesties princely /colour or desire of her owne making and gaine by any bargaine/ supporting geven in the tyme of there greatest myseries /which fyttest for to make such advantadges/ yet such is her majesties owne benigne Nature /free disposition/, and so Jalous is her mayjestie /to do/ of any thing which may concern

hem as althoughe her mayjestie litle doupteth that /knoweth that all men/ any of /of any judgment will decide/ those Enchantmentes wherwith those people are sought to be betrayed, can ever find way in the hartes of any parsonns of sound understandinges yet the rather then any th course of her majesties should serve for the pretext of any corrupt pers for any corrupted Members /there or ells where/ to worke on amongst them as ether to parwade that her mayjestie would take advantag of their Necesseties or be /tht her courses wold be/ occasion to [.] drive them /nor/ to desolve the Unyon, she hath commanded us in her Name to Require you to make it knowen to the Provinces from her in what sort shee comaundes of their long course of delay and that for the Reasons aforesayd /these only reasons/ she /will not now urge them to further answer but/ is contented to decist for this tyme from further urging /pressing/ her former proposicons, not doupting but they will Requytt this Royall proceeding of her with present fol.214v
Provision of such proportion of shipping and other thinges contayned in the memoryall delyvered to their Agent here whereof wee send you for your Informacion the copie to the intent you may see what wee /is/ desired and seeke to expedyte the same as a matter which wee /she/ she /conceaveth/ conceave /they/ the rather will /rather/ thincke to be to lytle then any way to sticke at unlesse they can imagine that any desastre once befalling us her mayjestie shall not immeadyatly turne to their destruccion: wherof as wee are commanded to Require you /as her Majesty wold have you/ to procure emedyat aunswere and /so/ further /you must/ be let them knowe that we /she/ will litle doupt/s/ but when the condycion /humour/ of theese present exspectaccions shall /Times is/ be changed /a little past over/, they will be found the more ready to /hereafter/ satisfie our her so Reasonable demandes, in Requytall of this so favourabl

surceassing for the present, to importune a thing /that/ which they do make us /would have her/ believe may nowe be /to be/ so grievous a burthen to them /them and their estate./