Letter ID: 0476
Reference: TNA, SP 84/50/167 f.173r-174v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0476/008
Date: 20 May 1595



Addressed: To my honorable good [fr]end Master Thomas Bodly [e]squyre. her majestyes Ambas[sa]dor to the States generall of thunited Provinces [.]

Endorsed: 20 Maij 1595 Master Guilpen to Master Bodley. From the Hagh.

Later Addition: 20 May 95


Sir. I cannot forbare wrytinge the last occasion being offred and yet fearinge as yet nothinge from youe wee are of opinion that youe are retorned or on the way hither- wardes, howbeyt me thinkes the buisines youe went over with will requyre furdere deliberation the more for that at your being there youe myght easely parceave the humors and reso- lution of these men which I since fynd rather [formed] them appearant to alter and doothinke verily yf hir Majestie should parsiste and urge them to the performaunce of that by youe propownded, they would accordinge to their fascion alledge the treatie and Law, and thereby remyane, lea- vinge the successe to the tyme, submittinge them selves, their State, and all unto hir Majestyes pleasure, which they would sygni- fie by Ambassage or otherwise unto hir highnes. and thus much in conference I have understood by som of them: to discourse theruppon is needlesse fo[[.]]t your being here wee reasoned often and debated all circumstances, besydes I know youe can looke throwly into the matter and leave all to your wonted discretion / That the French Warres grow so coalde doth much trouble them here besydes the feare, that the K: of Spain will yelde to a treasure yf he cannot be brought unto peace which the Pope laboureth hard, and they that the sayd K: wilbe doing in Ireland & try what he can worke by Schotland los more over that all the forces which were imployed against Fraunce wilbe retorned uppon them here, the grand mastere de Castille tht Was in burgonigne & cleared the coast being com into luxemborgh already with 7 regiments of foote & above 2000 horse, yt as thought he wil first reco- vere in hande / The States troupes that were with the [said] duke are cominge home withowt sendinge for our lycence the foote take their way towardes diepe to imbarke for Zelande, the horse under the conducte of Co. [prise] passe a long by Strausborgh followinge the way Sir Francis Vere cam home by There men seeme discontented at yt but the D.of Buillon complaynes not greatly, hoping as yt seemes that they wil in place thereof let him have monie to intertayne certain fol.173v
nomber of men to make warres with in these quarters / Th'e- nimie continueth his troupes about Hulst, his Excellencie wil hasten to the feelde whyle he hath tyme being written to Sir Edward Norreys for 3 companies, of men & unto Flusshinge for 200 / Count William is looked for howerly, they of freesland have pacifyed their pryvate questions by provision & [.] contributions wilbe graunted & their deputyes sent hither with the consents havinge promysed to spare as many men as possibly they can, to wyne with his Excellencie in feelde. Zeland hath also accorded to contribute but how much & with what conditions unknowen Vosberghen is looked for with yt every day, but men wil there more be sent thence th'e- nimie abydinge on their frontyres. And from Oostend th'alarum is looked for, for hulst is within 4 or 5 dayes march of yt & that is not withowt daunger, They of [Hulde] are willinge to submit them selves to the deputies but since for thendinge of the question with the [Earle] but he differres his resolution until the retorne of his Chauncellor hence whoe is thought by this tyme to be there with him Al thinges els continue in one state / I wryte not presently to my L: of Essex for want of good matter yt may please youe to excuse me & supply the default yf youe fynd any thinge in that lettre worthy his honors knowledge. And so with my humble commendations I cease & commit youe to th'allmightie Haughe this 20th May 1595. Yours most assuryd & ready to use George Gilpin