Letter ID: 0475
Reference: TNA, SP 84/50/165 f.171r-172v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0475/008
Date: 18 May 1595



Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Robert Cecyll knight of her Highnes privy Councel

Endorsed: 28 Maij 1595 Master Bodley to my Master

Later Addition: 18 May 95


May it please your H. upon your lettre unto me on friday last, I was in good hope, to have repaired yesterday unto yow, but I am yet in suche case, as I can not goe abroad, nor did not sturre sins Munday last, that if it fare no better with me, wherof I see litle hope upon the soddaine, I knowe now howe I should be able to take any jorney. Howbeit within three or fower daies, if I can recover ease, I will force my self to come unto yow, if your H. send for me. And so I take my humble leave. 18 May Your H. most humble at commaundement. Tho. Bodley