Letter ID: 1380
Reference: BL, Harleian 287 fol. 221r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1380/008
Date: 3 August 1594
Copy of: 0459



Later Addition: The Lord Tresuror Burley to Sir Thomas Bodley the 3 of Auguste 1594.

Sir uppon the fyrst daye of this monthe at one instante I Receaved 3 letteres from yow, twoe of the 21 of the laste monthe and the 3 of the 28 by bothe the for- more it appearethe that uppon the Recepte of my letteres of the 7th Julye declaringe her majesties purpos to Rescue Breste and Requeste to have their Assystance by sea, yow had Conference with the States aboute the same in whom yow found good disposytyon to assyste hir Majestie in that enterprise with Nyne or tene Shipes but yet bycause yow weare Not able to declare unto them the particularityes of hir Majesties Resolusyon for the tyme and the Rendevos Nether withe Nombere of the /hir/ Shipes, Souldyeres, munycion, and poudere theye Could Not make presente determenacion with yow, and yet Never the lesse it appeerethe by your second Letteres that munsere Caronhad advertysed the States partycluerlye of hir majesties purpos as the same was determened in my house the 15 of the Laste monethe and Confferyng with yow theareuppon: yow alledged that yow /alledged/ had Not understoode the partyculer poyntes thearof, and so it seemethe by your writynge, that for lacke of your informacion, the mattere was at a staye althoughe it myghte appeare /well/ unto yow by their owne Reporte that hir Majesties demaunde was to have 9 or 10 shipes for 10 monthes wher- in they found No dyffyculty to yeald unto the Queene Nor to the provissyone of 20000 waighte of Pouder, and yet they Could Not well Conceave what was mente by a Requeste of 2 monthes victualles for 2000 men they also seemed to fynde lacke in that thear was No mentyone made of muny- tione Nor of greater quantetye of powdere for the Recovery of the forte of Breste and by your lettere of the 28th it seemethe that uppon a lettere writtene by munsere Carone unto them the very 15 daye of Julye that he was Countermaunded the same daye, by all which uncertentyes it hathe falne oute very unluckely that thes preparaciones of the States have hanged in suspence and Cannot be Executed so soone as the tyme Requirethe but for Clearing of all thes formore scruples yow shall understand that the very 15the of July Mounsere Carron was directed Not onely what to demaunde of the States, but at what tyme the same was Required and what weare the forces then determyned by hir Majestie and thoughe it was true that the same daye he was written unto by my sonneuppon the Queenes Comuandemente that he shold staye the sendyng awaye of his Letteres for the present untylle he myghte be Newly spoken unto withall, which was mente to be the Nexte daye, and having Receaved that Countermaunde he made Answer that he had alredy sente awaye hys letteres to the states agreeable to the motyones made to him the sayd daye xvth, whearwithe hir Majestie beinge made acquainted shee was verye well satysfyed and allowed of his dilligence and so untylle the very tyme of the Recepte of thes your letteres lattere letteres wee wee weare in oppynyone & Expectacion to have hard of thes assystances of the States shipes and other their provisyones to have byne at portesmouthebefore the fyste of this presente monthe, and Nowe to explayne the demaundes as theye weare made, It is true thear weare demaunded xij shipes at the laste and victualles for 2000 mene that myghte serve by lande for 2 monthes and as I thinke but 2000 waighte of Poudere without any Word of Munyssyone, but Nowe to Relate Reduce our demaundes to more Certentye hir hir Majestie Can be contented with tenne shipes yf otherwise the states shall Not yeld to xij and for the victuelles consyderyng that which is alledged by yow of the darthe of victualles theare and the Cheapnes heare that demaund maye be forborne, although at this presente by the un- seasonablenes of the yeare, I thinke the dearthe of victuailes is moare heare then thear Consyderynge the provissyone of Corne that Redelye is to be hade out of the Easte Contreyes in to thes, as for the small quantety of pouder demaunded I thinke the same was mystakene in writynge, for indeede 2000 waighte of pouder is lytle moare then 8 Lastes so as it is Nowe Rather required to have threescore Thowsand weighte which is Not 30 laste and yet yf 30 laste maye be had, it shall welle Content hir Majestie and so I hope they will yelde theareunto and yf it shalbe more fol.221v

Later Addition: The Lord Tresorere to Sir Thomas Bodley Concernynge Ayde from the the States of Holland for the actyon of Breste in Bryttany 1594. 3 Auguste 36 Elizabeth.

shalbe more it shalbe more thankefull, At this tyme wee have had speeche with Mounser Caron declaryng to him the uncertentyes gathered by your letteres, Whearunto for our bettere satysfactyon he shewethe us letteres written to hime from the Haghe the 29th of Julye whearby in Exprese wordes the write that they are Redye to send awaye their Assystance, makyng no mention of any doubte or delaye thearin, and yet Never the lesse hee he is directed to wri[te] backe agayne thether with all speede to hasten the same by whome I doe send thes my letteres to yow at this tyme from the Courte this 3 of Auguste 159[[4]] Your very Loving Frend William Burgheley.