Letter ID: 1378
Reference: BL, Harleian 287 fol.219r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1378/008
Date: 21 July 1594
Copy of: 0455



Later Addition: Belgia 1594 21 July

Maye it please your good L. Assoone as I had sealed my former unto yow upon a new advertisement sent hither from Master Caron to the States, there were certaine deputed to conferre agayne with me, and to learne what I could signifie, as touching those dmaundes, which were made by her Majestie and proposed to Master Caron the 15 of this monneth in your L: howse in London: But declaring that I had not understood the particu- lar pointes, they imparted them unto me, and signified withall that for 9 or 10 shippes for 3 monnethes requyred by her Majestie, they did not thincke that the Contrey would make anie difficultie, nor for the twentie thowsand weight of powder, but they could not comprehend what was meant by that point: wherein her Majestie doth desire to be served of two monneths victuals for two thowsand men. For they doe presume, that all kinde of victuals are more aboundant and better cheape, and more ready for that service in England then heere; and that they can not well carry for more then 3 monneths victuals. Agayn they seemed to mervayle at if it were intended, that the Forte before Brest shold be taken from the Enemie there was noe mention of Munition, and that for powder soe small a quantitie was demaun- ded: for that in these Contries they doe make provision at the least at the siege of any place that is of importance of two hundred thowsand weight, and of fivetie thowsand only to serve for the small shotte. (I could not tell what to aunswear to any of these doubtes, because I had receaved no commssion about it, nor was not rashlie to conjecture at her Majesties meaning. Howbeyt perceaving by their speeches, that they would not shrincke in anie point, but were rather inclined to affourd a greater proportion of every thinge demaunded then was mentioned by her Majestie I sollicited them in that behalfe, declaring for the rest, that I thought those demaundes were onely made by waye of communication and proceeded of an unperfect project cast upon the first meeting onely, and that they should be thoroughlie satisifed, when I had my letters, which I expected everie howre. Wher upon they concluded that for reasons alleaged at the time of my Audience (which I have sette downe in my former to your L:) and because Master Caron the very same daye that he had speeche with her Majestie in your L: howse receaved after a lettre from Sir Robert Cecill, wherein he was requested in her Highnes name to stay fol.219v
his dispatche, because she had not yet taken a full resolution, they could not take order upon anie thing required, but presently upon notice of her determinat finall purpose, with some 16 or 20 day[[es]] warning, they would be ready with their Navie, and all thing[[es]] appertaining. And thus I take my humble leave From the Haghe July 21 1594.