Letter ID: 1376
Reference: BL, Harleian 287 fol.217r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1376/008
Date: 21 July 1594
Copy of: 0455



Later Addition: [[.]] made to the States [[of]] Holland to Ay[de the] Queene for Raysyng the winynge of the Towne of Breste in Bryttany at the Instance of the Kinge of Fraunce. July 1594 36 Elizabeth



Later Addition: Sir Thomas Bodley to the Lord Tresorer the 21 July is 1594.

Maye it please your good lordshipe as soone as I had sealed my former unto yow uppon a Newe advertyssmente sente hether from Master Caron, to the states theare weare Certen deputed to Confere agayne with me, and to learne what I Could sygnefye as touchinge thes demaundes which weare mad by hir Majestie and proposed to Master Caron the 15 of this monthe in your lordshipes house in London but declaring unto them that I had Not understood the partyculer poyntes, they imparted them unto me and sygnefyed withall that for 9 or 10 shipes for 3 monthes Required by hir Majestie they did Not thinke that the Contreye wold make any dyffycoltye, Nor for the 20 thousand weighte of Poudere but they Could Not Comprehend, what was ment by that poynte, whearin hir Majestie dothe desyre to be served of two monthes victu- elles for ij thousand mene, for they doe presume that all kynd of victuelles are moare aboundante, and bettere Cheape and more Redye for that service in England then heare, and that they Cannot and that they Cannot well Carrye for mores then 3 monthes victuelles / Agayne they seemed to Amaze Marvell, that yf it weare intended that the forte befoare breste shold be taken from the Ennemye theare was No mencion of munycion, and that for pouder so small a quantety was demaunded, for that in thes Contreyes theye doe make provissyone at the leaste at the seege of any place that is of importance of two hondrethe weighte thousand weighte, and of fyfty thousand onely to serve from for these small shote, I Could Not tell what to Answere to any of thes doubtes bycause I had Receaved No Comyssyone about it Nor was Not easely to Conjecture at hir Majesties meaninge, howbeit parceavinge by their speeches that they wold Not shrinke in any poynte but weare Rather inclyned to afford a greatere proporsyon of every thinge demaunded then was mentioned by hir Majestie, I solysseted them in that be- halfe, declarynge for the Rest that I thoughte thes demaundes weare onely made by waye of Communycation and proceeded of an unperfect projecte caste uppon the meetynge onely, and that they shold be thoroughely satysfyed when I had my letteres, which I Expected every howere, whearuppon they Concluded that for the reasones alledged at the tyme of my Audyence (which I have sette doune in my former to your lordshipe) and because Master Caron the very same daye that he had speeche with hir Majestie in your lordshipes house Receaved after a letter from Sir Robarte Secill whearin he was Requested in hir highenes Name to staye his dispache beccause shee had Not yet taken a full Resolusyon, but presently upon Notys of hir determynate fynall purpos, with some 16 or 20 dayes warninge they wold be Redye with their Navye and and all thinges appertaynynge, And thus I take my humble leave from the Haghe July 21 1594. Your Lordshipes moste humble att Comaundemente Tho: Bodley