Letter ID: 0768
Reference: LPL, MS 650 f.167-168v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0768/008
Date: 14 March 1594
Copy of: 0667



Endorsed: De Monsieur Bodley a monsieur le Comte d'Essex 1594 le 14me de Mars


Maie it please your good Lop. That point being knowne and told me by divers of the Coronells secret chardge as touchinge the succor which he must require (albeit he himself dothe conceale it altogether) I thought it convenient to signifie so mutche unto my L. Tresurer: lest some other should prevent me, to whom perhaps in like manner the same intelligence might be given, for I finde it is advertysed by divers out of Scotlande and namely from Sir William Keith and Mr David Foules to the ligger that is here who this very daie come upon purpose to tell me, that Steward would communicate very litle unto him, but bare him still in hande that he had sent for highe matters committed unto him by secret instrucion, and me thinkes said he to drawe some meane from the States he would put them in [head] of I nowe not what pollicie, as yf in their wisdome they were to take suche a course as the K. might acknowledge that whatsoever great good he shall attaine unto hereafter cometh onlie from them and their assistance, And besydes he pratled muche of the Queene of Englande, by waie of extenuation of her princely beneficence towardes the K: with many shiftes and devises to bring his purpose to passe: in so muche as he tolde him, that yf the K: his Master would be ruled by him he should be able to bridle bothe the Que: and the States and care for neither or both: But how he ment it should be donne he could not signify directly, unles it wer by some accord with the forfeited Los [Marver] Steward told him that he was right well assured that her Majestie of purpose sent me hether to demande the remboursement of her monies, that it might be a barre to his request, wherein he made no doubt of obteyning his suite, yf I had not come or had not put in their handes, that it behoved them to deale with her highnes advise, which was to great an judgement to the K: his Master, that he should not use the aide of his frendes without his privity and likeinge of the Que: of Englande and this it touched him nere, that I would knowe it, and /not/ reveale it as by his speeches I could gather, to accomodate every matter upon fol.167v
upon this an the rest that I have written to your Lop my last bearing date the second and 4th of this moneth I doe longe very muche to understand somewhat from your Lop: how her Majestie is affected, and how she will injoyne me to turne my voyce in this songe. And so I take my humble leave from the Hage Mars 14me 1594. Your Lops most humbly bounden. Thomas Bodlye.

Postscript: Since the former was written I was told by a spetiall frende who spake it upon knowledge that the K. of Scottes hath written a private lettre to Monssieur Barneveltwth his owne hand And I am fullie perswaded he hath done the like to Mr Brederode Monsieur Valk and others /with whome your Lop maie consider [what] force the lettres of that King will have about others/ comming as I assure my self they did full freighted with faire wordes and kinde promises. This art of wrightinge to private persons here is very muche used by the Frenche K: and hath bine one of his cheefest meanes to compasse his demandes thoughe now and then they be remembred with some better thinge in hande to quicken their affections.