Letter ID: 0764
Reference: LPL, MS 650 f.106r-107v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0764/008
Date: 14 February 1594



Endorsed: De Monsieur Bodley de Monsieur le Comte d'Essex le 14 de fevrier 1594


Maie it please your good L. since I sent you my last the 5 of this present, I have spoken with Coronell Stuart who hath signified unto me as much as I have written unto my L. Tresurer: whereof to avoide a newe repetition I have herein sent the transcript. And me thinkes it is apparant by the generall confession of the causes of his comming that his errand tended to that which your Lp knowes already wherin I am confirmed by some talke that I have had with Coronel Murrey: who is Coronell of the scottish regiment in these countries: a gentleman of a cheife familie in scotland, well informed of the state of his owne countrey, & to me a particuler & a very good frend: but nothing well affected to Coronell Stuart, for which he hath ben the freer in delivering of his mynde. He assureth me that Stuart is imployed in this message at his owne earnest suite & by meanes and freindshipp of the chauncellor: for that the K. was unwilling & had no liking unto him: in so much as he supposeth (& as it is written by his freindes unto him) that ether the charge of his voyage is borne by him selfe or partlie by himselfe, & in parte by the Earle of Orchney in whose behalfe he hath to deale for Coronell Maurices sister. He telleth me allso that althoughe he knoweth not so much by Stuart him selfe, yet he hath advertismentes by lettres out of Scotland that Stuart is willed to intreate for 1000 foote and 500 horse, for 16 monthes, or rather for a summe of money, for the levy & pay of so many men. But as for men, saith he, they are not here to be had, nor he saw no likelyhood of obtayning the money: And thoughe it should be delivered there were such about the K. as would practise to gett it, & presently convert it to their private uses. For where it is pretended that it shalbe fol.106v
that it shalbe emploied against th'Earle Huntlie and his associates, he made no manner of doubt [but] if the K. were disposed he might of himselfe subdue them out of hand. But it is the counsaile he saith of some about him, & especially of the chauncellor that thinges should be carried in that time, to see if her Majestie for feare of the sequele, will yeelde the K. to his demaundes some better satisfaction. Howbeit he is advertised by th'Earle Marr (who writeth often to him) that there is a plott laide for displacing the chauncellor, with the K. good liking. This I have written to your Lp. alone because I would not wish my will that the name of Coronel Murrey should come in any question, through his speeches to mee. For all other matters referring your Lp. to the copie inclosed I take my humble leave. from the Hage February 14 1594. Your Lpes most humble bounden Tho. Bodley.