Letter ID: 0759
Reference: LPL, MS 650 f.151r-152v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0759/008
Date: 10 March 1594



Addressed: To the right worshipfull my very speciall good frind, Master Antony Bacon Esquire.

Endorsed: De Monsieur Bodley le 10me Mars 1594


Sir, I am nothing forgetfull of yow or your desire, nor of the promise that I made, to salute yow nowe and then. But I was alwaies very carefull, that my first salutations should bring somwhat els, worth the sending so farre: which, because I had nothing, hath letted my writing ever sins I came hither. And nowe I bring I knowe not what, for mater of occur- rence: but I must pray yow to take it for very good paiment, sith the time affourdes no better, having no- thing heere of moment, ether done or in doing, that I can signifie unto yow. Onely this we understand that the towne and castle of Huy, which we tooke by sur- prise about six weekes past, is nowe besieged by La Motte, with towardes 5000 foote, and 500 horse. But the Governor of the castle (for the towne is but weake, and is commaunded by the castle) is an old beaten souldier, and is sufficiently furnished both of men and of victual, with powder and munition, for a very long siege. This motion of mine to the General states, to make restitution of her Majesties monies, doth so sticke in their teeth, that they knowe not what answear they may frame unt[o] me. And yet to tell yow my opinion, though they [.] come at the first with ifs and ands, and put [.] my questions, the conclusion will be, if the Queene doe insist, that they will streine to doe somwhat. And their intention therein will be seene er be long. The message of Stuart is the same that yow could tell me: and the King had rea- son to imploy him: for in truth he can carie his maters very cunningly, and doth as muche as is possible fol.151v
for the effecting of his purpose. The foreknowledge of his errand hath steeded me exceedingly. For in dealing with some of the principal heere, I have filled their headdes so full of crickets, as I am persuaded they will nether in this, nor in any proposal made by the K. if it be of importance, proceede without the Queene. But if I finde my self deceaved that they worke underhand, and give him his asking ([which] they beare me faire they will not doe, and can hardly bring to passe, but I shall have meanes to sifte it out) then the Queene must looke about her, and bethinke herself in time to prevent a shrewed turne.

This is all for the present that I have to say, unles it were to intreat yow, as I doe very earnestly, that if yow finde me for your turne, ether heere or whereso- ever, yow would use me and comande me. Les[t] my wander letter should wander, if the spring doe entice yow to lie in the contrey, I will pray my L. of Essex to convey it unto yow: and when yow please to write hither, your lettres delivered to Kightley the post whose dwelling is neere to the Frenche churche, will come safely to my handes. From the Hage March 19 1594. Your assured to be used in all your occasions. Tho. Bodley.