Letter ID: 0463
Reference: TNA, SP 84/49/289 f.289r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0463/008
Date: December 1594



Endorsed: The copye of the Quens lettre for Master Bodley to the states


Suche doe wee knowe by observacion of yowr former proceedinges to be yowr Judgement and wiesdome by long experience, /all matter Cawse of waight and consequense/ and for such a one, /do wee knowe/ yow doe esteeme this gent: owr faithfull servant /Bodelye/ of Counsell with yow so many yeares in matters of greatest importance concerning us or yow, as wee nether can doupt of yowr furtherance of the matters which shalbe /now/ propownded but yow by him nether can wee thincke it needfull to parswade yow better of this gent: discrecion and [.] /his sufficiencie/ in all thinges, and particuler zelle in all thinges towardes /the good of/ those provinces, by /seing/ by his owne actions demos demonstratively /he/ hath wor /thily acquired the reputation of a man [.] Judgment and [parfect] Integrity amongst yowrselfs/ appeared to yowrselves And therfore having nowe returned /him/ back unto this gent. with [owr lettres] of credytt to the generall States /for divers good considerations particuler Causes/ as also to remayne in Counsell with yow as heretofore he hath done, wee will not further inlarg owr selves by theise lettres then only to desire yow in whatsoever he shall say to give him as ample faith and credyt as yow would doe to /to owr/ if owr selves /if wee/ were present.