Letter ID: 0460
Reference: TNA, SP 84/49/83 f.83r-84v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0460/008
Date: 07 August 1594


To the right honorable my very singular good Lord the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England

Endorsed: vij August 1594 Master Bodeley to my L. To have direction towchinge hir Majesties determination for shippinge to be employed for Britaigne./ x shippes will be redy at the downs within x dayes

Later Addition: 7 August 94


May it please your good L. I can not but ad- vertise, that I am called on continually, to signifie to the states, what her Majestie hath resolved for the service of Britaine. But knowing no more of it, then I did at the first, of her general purpose, I can make no other answear. I see no want of willingnesse in any of the Provinces, to assist her Highnes very thorowly: but their chiefest desire is to have it speedely attempted, and with provision sufficient of all kinde of necessaries, stan- ding otherwise in feare, that ether they shall not effect their designe, or effect it with more difficultie, and with greater losse of time, and expenses, then there would have bin at first by many degrees. They doe prepare to sette fourth 10 of their best shippes, and I thinke of them the greater part will be at the downes within these 10 daies. Howbeit I doe see by their com- plaintes, that if they come not so provided, as the service shall require, or her Majestie expect, they will impute it altogether to the want that they have had of parti- cular advertisment of her Highnes preparation, and other needefull circumstances. In which respect considering howe the winde hath bin west and westerly, for almost these two monethes, for which it may be doubted, lest nowe being Esterly, it will continue so long, I thinke it ex- pedient to put your L. in minde, that some extraordi- narie charge may be given to him that bringes your lettres, that if he finde a contrarie winde, he should take some pinnace for his passage, which wilbe able in faire we- ther to tide it over easely, although the winde be cleane against her. And so referring your L. for all other maters to my former lettres, I take my humble leave. From the Hage. August 7 1594. Your L. most humble at commaundement. Tho. Bodley