Letter ID: 0454
Reference: TNA, SP 84/49/37 f.37r-38v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0454/008
Date: 14 July 1594



Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Robert Cecil knight of her Highnes privy Councel.

Endorsed: 14 Julij 1594 Master Bodley to my Master From the Haghe/ Groninghen compounded for.

Later Addition: 14 July 94


Not to leave your H. doubtfull, about the taking of Groeninghen, wherof in my former, which I writte unto yow yesterday, I could signifie nothing cer- tainly, We have lettres from the Campe at this very instant, that the agreement was made the 11 of this present. I knowe not as yet the particular conditions, but onely this in general, That the souldiers (after an othe taken, that they should not serve against these Provinces, on this side the Rhine, for a certaine space) might depart with bagge and baggage, and their En- seignes displaced: and that like wise any other whoso- ever, should be licensed to passe, with their families and gooddes to whatsoever place they would. This I thought fitte to advertise with the soonest, to the end yow might not doubt of my former occurrence, and so I take my humble leave. From the Hage July 14 Your H. at commaundement Tho. Bodley

Postscript: At the closing heerof I was shewed the Articles of the Accord, which are the same for the most, that they have yelded heeretofore to other townes in like case. Count William of Nassau the Governor of Friseland is also Governor of Groeninghen.