Letter ID: 0058
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.193r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0058/008
Date: October 1594



Later Addition: Belgia 1594 October

May it please your good L. I have newly [[.]] receaved my discharge from her Majestie which I [[.]] full account was procured by your L. al[[.]] I heard not from yow sins the 15 of August [[.]] from my L. Tresurer I have had suche a letter, [[.]] could not but send the transcript unto yow [.] [In margin: as depending upon these that which I have sent yow before]
if her Highnes have conceaved the self same /like/ opinio[[n.]] /as/ have worke enough a while to weede out my [[.]] Then /Nevertheles/ if I may be but /onely/ heard for a quarter [[of an]] hour, I will make it appeere in all kinde [[.]] plainest, that for me it was impossible to be [[.]] carefull then I was in my buisinesse. But a[[s the]] mater hath bin handled in the instructions [.] unto mee, I might have don as good servi[ce] [.] at home not as coming hither, and in a[.] as muche [.] asleepe as awake. /asleepe as muche as awake. Once I see a[.] of [dispatche] coming towa[rds] [.]/ which I [[.]] not avoide /[bears] of/ by running under the shelter of your [honor-] able favor, which is /being/ all my refuge against [[.]] greatnesse, I must heereafter endevor to [[.]] better /my/ home /better/ where I need not stand in feare [of] any displeasure by my newes. I doe not [ans[wer]] his letter, hereof /for that/ I knowe not howe to doe it, [[.]] I must /provoke/ /[.]/ /touche/ him in honor more then I wold: for [[.]] I recken that silence is my best and safest o[[.]] I dare not trouble /not/ your L. with any other [appar[[.]]] for that they are not [worthe] [words] /because there is /very/ litle /that is/ worthy the writing/ and I purpose [[to]] goe hens within 4 or 5 daies, and then /and/ to take [[a]] passage /out of Zeland/ with the very first winde, /for/ which causes [.] /at this/ are nowe to /as in the meane season I/ take /my/ humble leave.