Letter ID: 0049
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.172r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0049/008
Date: 28 July 1594
Copy of: 0457



Endorsed: To my L. Tresurer 28 July 1594



Later Addition: 1594 28 July To the L. Tresurer

May it please your good L. I reported in my [last] the 21 of this moneth the answear of the states to[ her] Majesties demaunde for their assistance by sea: wher[eto I] finde them by their speeches very throughly disposed, and I doubt not all of their speedy perfourmance. They doe attend altogether upon her Highnes precise [and] final resolution, without the which they will not make any present preparation, for the reasons alleaged [in ] my former to your L. and because thei sawe that those de- maundes which were delivered Master Caron the 15 of [this] moneth, were then the same day countermaunded ag[ain,] whereby remaining uncertaine of her Majesties inten[tion] they knowe not howe to frame the course of their p[rovi-] sion. Nevertheles I doe alwaies assure them, [that they] shall have notice of it, assoone as is needefull. I [am also] earnest with them not onely to doe that, which was requ[ired of] Master Caron, by those forsaid demaundes, but to exte[nd the] particulars to some greater proportion, which I am [cer-] tainly persuaded they will accomplishe in good [sort,] to her Highnes contentation. Moreover I suppos[e, that] sith they have determined as I am informed, [to] [[that]] the newe Englishe companies, that serve in their pay, [[to the]] number of 8 enseignes, which were 13 at the first, [and] [In margin: they may be like- wise induced by her Majesties intreatie to send them all to- wardes Brest,]
continue them there in the pay of these contreis, for [the time] of the enterprise. Which I signifie to your L. as my p[rivat] persuasion, not omitting any meanes that I can use [in that] regard, or in any other that I shall knowe, /can learne,/ for the ad[van-] cement of the service. And so I take my humble l[eave] From the Hage. July 28 1594. Your L. most humble at commaundement. Tho. Bodley