Letter ID: 0046
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.168r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0046/008
Date: 31 August 1594



Later Addition: Belgia 1594 31 August To Master Bodly

Sir. By my last I wroate unto yowe that by [my] next dispatche, I would send yowe your license to re[turn] which nowe I doe by this presente: And as I thinke the prin[cipal] matter wheareof hir Majestie will treate with yowe at your [.] returne, will be howe she maie have remboursement [of] hir charges, and to deminishe the same also in time toc[.] wherein none cann geve hir better advise than yowe [.] And hir Majestie hath great reason to mouve this cawse at [.] this time, bicawse when Monsieur de Caron, and Sir Francis Veere moved the suite to have license to levie heare 1500 men of newe, hir Majestie cowld not be induced therunto by anie intreatie untill de Caron gave hir sum hope and in manner a promize that after the recoverye of Groeninghen (if yt might be so recovered the States showld be hable, and would yeld unto her sum good portionn of hir charges: But what warr[ant] he had to make such an offer I knowe not: Sure [I] [am] that both he and Sir Francis doe knowe, th[.] [certaine] uppon that hope hir Majestie yelde to that which she did, or even in veary trewthe, she is not a li[tle] [.]. whome the common [.] of hir peple [.] [.] of the wasting & deminucion of hir peple [.] [in] [foreine] Contreis, having within these fewe yeares [to] [France] [.] Cuntrye sent owt of the Realme, [.] xxxty peple whearof a small part have retorned [.] [and] [there] [.] sent hir Majestie is at the charge in that C[untrye] and in France in paie of abowt 12000 which is s[.] a burden [both to] hir majesties purse, and such a wastinge [.] hir people [.] she hath great cawse, being as a mo[.] thereof to [desire] summ mitigacionn of All this inconvenience I dowbt not at your comming awaie but yow will the[.] of thes matters likelie to be moved unto yowe by hir Ma[jestie] to be the more hable to awnsweare hir.

Althowgh I cannot heare of the States [sumoning] by S[.] with [their] shippinge, yet I thinke I neade not to write [.] more therein than I have and for the hastening the a[.] consideringe the Quenes power is nowe at Awrlais to ren[der] the Castell, the towne beinge yelded: & so from theare to g[oe] to Brest. From the Cort the last of August 1594. Your verie loving frend William Burghley