Letter ID: 0045
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.167r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0045/008
Date: 30 August 1594
Note: Remnants of the royal seal at the end of the lettertext. Some fire damage.



Later Addition: [[.]] 1594 30 August To Master Bodly

By the Queene

Sign Manual: Elizabeth R

Trusty and welbeloved We greete yowe well. Whe[reas [you]] have had ordre to deale with the States for sundry thinges [[.]] we are not well satisfied, and that yourselfe have made req[[uest]] to us to have our licence for your retourne, we are well plea[[sed]] therwith. requiring you to consider afore your comming then[[.]] we were best to proceede with those States for rembursment of [[.]] greate charges. And so at your comming we may deale ther[[.]] sending for some to be authorized by the States to come hith[[.]] make the accomptes perfect betwene us and them for our charg[[es]] so afterwardes to procure the rembursement, as in reason we[[.]] cause to requier the same, considering our greate charges ot[[.]] and their habilitie nowe in force by the late recovering of [[.]] ghen, to satisfie us herein. Gyven under our Signet [[.]] Manour of Grenewiche the xxxth daye of August. 1594. [[.]] xxxvith yere of our Reigne.