Letter ID: 0037
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.148r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0037/008
Date: [21] July 1594
Note: This letter has been badly damaged by fire.
Copy of: 0455



Later Addition: bis

May it please your good L. Assoone as I had sealed my former unto yow, upon a newe advertisment sent hither from Master Caron to the states, there were certaine de- puted to conferre againe with me, and to learne what I could signifie, astouching those demaundes, which were made by her Majestie and proposed to Master Caron, the 15 of this moneth in your L. house in London. But declaring [In margin: unto them]
that I had not /understood whoe they were in the particular pointes/ they imparted them unto them /me/, and signi- fied withall, that for 9 or 10 shippes for 3 monethes re- quired by her Majestie they did not thinke that the contrey would make any difficultie: nor for the twentie thousand weight of powder: but they could not comprehend, what was meant by that point, wherein her Majestie doth desire, to be served of two monethes victuals for two thousand men. For they doe presume, that all kinde of victuals are more abundant, and better cheape, and more ready for that service, in Englandthen heere: and that they could /can/ not well carie for more then 3 monethes victuals. Againe they seemed to mervaile, that if it were intended, that the Fort before Brest should be taken from the Enemie, there was no mention of munition, and that for powder so smalle a quan- titie was demaunded: for that in these contreis they doe make provision at the lest, at the siege of any place that is of importance, of two hundred thousand weight, and of fivetie thousand weight /onely/ to serve for the smalle shotte. I could not tell what to answear to any of these doubtes, because I had receaved no commission about it, nor was not /rashely/ to conejcture at her Majesties meaning: Howbeit per- ceaving by their speeches, that they /would not shrinke in any point but/ were rather inclined, to affourd a greater proportion of every thing demaun- ded, then was mentioned by her Majestie then to shrinke in any point, I solicited them in that behalf to extende their aide as farre as they could /and/ declaring /ing for the rest/ unto them that /I thought those demaundes proceeded of / it was an unperfect project made /last/ upon the first meeting /onely/ [In margin: were delivered by way of were /onely/ made by way of communication and]
and that they should be throughly satisfied, when I had my letters, which I expected every houre. Wherupon they con- cluded, that for the reasons alleaged, at the time of my An[.] to your L. fol.148v
and for that /because/ Master Caron the very same day, that he ha[d] speeche with her Majestie in your L. house, receaved after a [lettre] from Sir Robert Cecill, wherein he was requested in her [Majesties] name to stay his dispatche, because she had not yet take[n a ] full resolution, they could not determine /take order/ upon any thi[ng] required, but presently upon notice of her assured /determinat/ fina[l] purpose, and with /some/ 16 or 20 daies warning, they would [be] ready with their navie, and all thinges appertening. A[nd] thus I take my humble leave. From the Hage July Your L. most humble at commaundement Tho. Bodley