Letter ID: 0439
Reference: TNA, SP 84/46/141 f.139r-140v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0439/008
Date: 28 May 1593



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England.

Endorsed: 28 Maij 1593 Master Bodeley to my L. His delivery of hir Majesties lettre to the Deputies of the Provinces, His going to Count Mawrice, about the enterprise of Dunkirke

Later Addition: 28 May 93


May it please your good L. When I recea- ved your last of the 21 of April I expected every houre the meeting of the states, to whome I meant to deliver her Majesties lettre astouching my licence, assoone as they were mette, and to depart upon it presently. In whiche respect I was in hope, to see your L. assoone, as any letter I should write, could come to your handes: which both caused me to cease from writing an answear, and to differ my humble thankes for your honorable favor in procuring my licence: which I protest unto your L. is so welcome unto me, as I receave it from your handes for a singular benefit. For as muche as the states are not all yet arrived, which greatly discon- tenteth the people of this Province, in regard of many maters, which concerne the Generallitie, that are to be propounded, I have obtened so muche, that the Councel of Estate, with those De- puties of the Provinces, that are already come hi- ther, have assembled all together, and opened the letter which was sent from her Majestie. So that nowe within these 3 daies, in which time I doe pray them, to deliberat in what maters they will use me towardes her Highnes I will away from the Hage. Having also written to Co. Maurice, to lette him knowe of my returne, and desiring withall to be advertised from him, if there were any neede, of my repairing unto him, about the mater of Dunkerk, he hath earnestly requested me, to come unto him to the Campe. fol.139v
Whiche I purpose to doe in my voiage towardes Zeland, aswell to knowe his full intention for that enterprise, as also therupon, to move some doubtes of mine owne, and to informe my self throughly, both of that, and of the state of the Enemies campe, whereby her Majestie may receave the better satisfaction.

Since I sent my last letter, which I writte to my L. of Essex, beseeching him to signifie the occur- rence to your L. there hath not any thing bin ex- ploited, that is worth the reporting. The Enemie hath increased his forces with a 1500 souldiers, and as it should appeere by lettres intercepted, expecteth more out of Lorraine: but he hath kept himself hitherto within his strength, and made no attempt upon our armie. Among the forsaid lettres there is one of La Motte, who seemeth to despaire of suc- couring the towne, not knowing which way they can assaile us in our trenches. There is hope that Co. William will send hither a 1000 Friselanders, to the aide of Co. Maurice: for that his Fort is finished, and put in defense. The state of those of Gertrudenbergh your L. may knowe by the lettre heere inclosed, which was purposely cast (as it seemeth, by a frind) from out of the towne, into the next trenches, and so brought to Co. Maurice. And likewise the effect of the same is confessed by a souldier, which was taken swimming from the towne to the Enemies Campe. Of Sir Francis Veres being there, and of the numbers in his charge, and of all his proceeding, I doe not doubt but your L. doth understand by his lettres. And so I fol.140r
take my humble leave, hoping by Gods helpe to be with your L. within this fortnight. From the Hage. May 28 1593 Your L most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley