Letter ID: 0432
Reference: TNA, SP 84/46/74 f.74r-75v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0432/008
Date: 30 March 1593
Note: The binding obscures some of the text of the verso, as the text crosses the spine of the volume.
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Later Addition: 30 March 93

Endorsed: 30 Martij 1593 Master Bodeley. to the LLes of the Councell: Sir John Poleies Horse band. Sir William Reades suite.

Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lordes the Lordes and others of her Highnes privy Councel.


Maye it please your good LL. That whiche I had in charge, by your LL. lettre of the 7 of this moneth, for the company of Sir John Poley, to be sent to Ostende, I have proposed to this Councel, who also desire it very earnestly themselves. But the company being nowe at the siege of Gertrudenbergh, they make it a mater prejudicial to the countrey, to withdrawe them on the soddain and while they are in actual service. And though thei of themselves should be willing therunto, yet thei knowe that Co. Maurice will stay them for the time. For having taken the Fort before Gertrudenbergh, whiche is thought will occasion the losse of the towne, it is nowe that the Enemie must attempt their reliefe, and that the Count must continue his forces together. They doe promise notwithstanding, that with the first opportunitie, when this action is perfourmed, or before, if it maye be, they will send away the horsband: Wherof I will not faile to put them in remembraunce, and so I have advertised the Gouvernor of Ostende.

To a second lettre of your LL. of the 4 of this present, which I receaved sins the former, with one from her Majestie to the General states, in the favour of Sir William Reade, I can returne no present answear, not having deli- vered her Majesties lettre, for that there are no Deputies, to fournishe an assemblie, nor no apparance of any to meete a long time. In which regard I have advi- sed the messenger that brought it, to repaire againe home, for the avoiding of charges: and as touching his suite, I will doe in time convenient, what is possible for me, and procure from the states in answear in writinge which I will send unto your LL. and likewise to Sir William. fol.74v
But to impart to your LL. my [[humble]] opinion, I doe ghesse by my conference with a [[princ]ipall] officer in this place, for the accountes of [[.]] contrey, that howsoever Sir William Reade [[.]] great summes of mony, they will make suche [[.]], as it see- meth in the ende, they will [[.]] in arrerages. And thus in hope that I have [[.]] your LL. heerin, I most humbly take my leave. From the Hage. March 1593 Your LL. most humble at [commandement] [Tho: Bodley]