Letter ID: 0028
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba DX f.73r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0028/008
Date: After 10 April 1593
Note: 'George' of George Guilpin is fainter than the rest of the text and appears to have been written into a lacuna left for the purpose. Some fire damage.



Sign Manual: Elizabeth R

Trusty and welbeloved we greete youe well. Wheras youe have serv[[ed .]] longe tyme there as our Counsellor with the States of the United Provinces, and [[.]] many tymes required licence of us to repaire hither for the disposicion of your owne busines by reason of the deathe of your father: and thought we have a good ty[[.]] forborne to assent therunto, because bothe of your sufficeencie in your service, a[[nd ne-]] cessitie to continue the same, from the which we could hardly spare youe: yet [[.]] to shewe our allowance of your service, and to contente youe in your reasonnable [[request]] we can forbeare no longer to graunt the same unto youe: But doe by theise [[lines]] licence youe at suche tyme as youe shall fynd convenient in regarde of you[[.]] to mak your repaire from thence, and to deliver instructions, suche as youe shall [[see]] fitt, to our Servaunt. George Guilpin, for his attendance there, of wh[[ose]] diligence and knowlege in our service, we are very well perswaded, and so we [[.]] youe for his more comforte to informe him. And for the satisfaction of the [[.]] there, we doe sende to youe our lettres directed to them signifyeng this our p[[.]] not doubting but they will assent therunto, and give youe safe conduct fo[[r your]] passage. Gyven under our Signet at our Manour of St James the x[[.]] daye of Aprill. /1593/ In the xxxvth yere of our Reigne.]