Letter ID: 0020
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.41r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0020/008
Date: 16 March 1593



Endorsed: To Sir Rob. Cecyll Mar 16 1592.



Later Addition: To Sir R. Cecil

May it please your H. to be advertised, that through the slackn[ess of .] messenger, I had not that lettre which your H. writte unto me the 10 of [.] the 14 of this moneth: whereinclosed I had a copie of her Highnes [lettre to the] States, but having nothing els to say from her Majestie unto them, [.] of themselves using speeches of replie, I have nothing up[.] signifie further. They are greatly busied at this present, to surprise [Gertru] denbergh, which I thinke they will attempt within 3 or 4 daies, and th[.] hope /happe/ to be repulsed, yet they purpose to goe forward and besiege [.] The number there in garrison, which are Burgonions for the most, and [.] ported above 600 are unprovided of powder, victuall, wodde, and other [neces] saries, and ill affected to their gouvernor Monsieur Waterdicke. [The] two advenues to the towne, which they hope upon the soddaine to be able to blocke howsoever the Enemie shall come provided with forces to levie the siege, to[.] allwaies at hand the towne of Breda for a ready retraite. [.] doe make full account to bring unto the siege, about 1500 horse, and [.] foote. The Councell of estate doth remaine at the Hage, [pro] posing as yet, to be present at the siege. We are advertis[ed from] Brussels, that Count Mansfeld the father doeth grow very odiou[s .] the Martial people of those places (which are also full of fo[.] dislikes, and disorders) and giveth ill satisfaction to all sor[.] suitours: especially of late, to those of Dunkerke, Grave, [and] Boisleduc. In effect they write from thense, that the Spaniard[s] designe, if the worst come unto them, is onely to holde the towne [.] Castels of Gand, Andwerp, and Brussels, with Mastricht, [.] Namurs, and to make litle reckning of leesing the rest. [It is] also written among other occurrences, that Monsieur Baligny the Govern[or of] Cambray hath receaved of late 6000 crownes of the Kinge [of Spain] for paiement of the garrison there. If there be any mate[r in] this lettre worth the imparting to her Highnes I doe humbly be[seech] you, to vouchesafe me the favour, and to excuse me in like [maner] unto my L. Tresurer, having nothing but this to signifie unto [.] It requireth the length of an other lettre, to thanke your H. [.] and to request you a freshe about my licence to returne. [.] that I can say, doth tend to this effect, That the greatest griefe that I [have] is the stay of her Majestie in graunting my licence, and yet I have no gre[.] then her Majesties good liking to continue me heere. And when I take [.] solace, of that which is the cause of my greatest sorrowe, your H. may conjec[ture] that I am not at mine ease. I can not signifie more unto you, [.] declaring the needes of my privat estate, then I have done heeretofore which I beseeche you to remember, to urge with all your favour, and to accept in that behalf, my most thankfull acknowledgment of your honorable ende vours. Wherewith I take my humble leave. From the Hage. March 16 1592.