Letter ID: 0017
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.35r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0017/008
Date: 1593
Note: The signature is partly obscured as the folio has been cut. There is significant fire damage.


Most sacred Souveraigne, It is nowe fower yer[es] and five monethes, that yowr Majestie hath vouchesafed to use my service in this countrey: a countrey then, when I came hither, full of jalousie and diffidence in proceeding with yowr Highnes and full of danger and despere in regard of the Enemie. But undoubtedly Gods power hath bin mightily magnified in yowr singular wisedome For by bearing with patience their harshe imperfections, and by constant continuing yowr succors unto them, both their state is nowe reduced to a great degree of safetie, and their humourous distrustfulnesse is muche abated in their courses. Howe well for my self I have accomplished my duty in contenting yowr Highnes: I must leave to be esteemed by yowr Prin[[c-]] ly acceptation: but what endevour I have used to doe my best in that behalf, there can no man report more directly then my self. And this I can report most truly to yowr Majestie that albeit my abilitie to negotiat in my charge, might be bettered by mem bers of yowr subjectes and servants, yet my car- fulnesse and diligence by no man whosoever. That which I [[would]] inferre, most gracious Queene, is to crave w[ith all] humilitie, that for as muche as I have spent so muche time in these contreis, and yowr occasions of imploiment are so happely dimi- nished, it may not nowe discontent yow, to graun[t] me licence to returne. Were it fitte for me to pleade, and to alleage other reasons, I should move yow to consider, that yowr charge in this place, in fol.35v
intertening of two, may be well brought to [[.]] that were inconvenient, that yet it would [[.]] that some other should be sent, to reside in my p[[lace]] whereby yowr Majestie when time is, may be ser[[.]] experience of sundrie of yowr servantes. Syth it doth not beseeme me, to discourse to the [[.]] I will onely adde a worde, which my domesti[[.]] will not suffer me to passe: and is to intim[[.]] yow, that the hasardes and losses, which I have [[.]] in the time of mine absence, have turned great [[.]] prejudice, and doe multiplie upon me with [[.]] ders every day. To relate in what sort, were to [[.]] yow indiscreetely with that which is unmeete: which ye[[t]] in some sort hath bin told in my favor, by some p[[.]] honor. And sins it is long, sins they put me in hope of yowr undoubted inclination to revoke [[.]] after, my necessitie doth enforce me to this ha[[.]] sumption to speake for my self, and to besee[[ch .]] most submissely, to make me speedely partak[[e .]] infinit comfort, which yowr Majesties presence, and [[.]] of yowr person doth yelde to every subject that [[.]] devoted. of which happinesse to yow, and to [[.]] in yowr prosperitie we wishe, if it might [[.]] endeles continuance. From the [[.]] Yowr Majesties most humble subject and faithfull servant Tho. Bodley