Letter ID: 0013
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.29r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0013/008
Date: 22 March 1593



Later Addition: [[To my]] L. Treasurer

May it please your L. The 20 of this moneth I receaved 2 lettres from you, with 2 enclosed to Master Buzenval, of which the one which I tooke to bee the second was dated in London the 2 of this present but the date of the other was omitted in the letter. Master Buzenval was at Utrecht when your lettres came unto mee, and his returne so uncertain as I sent them unto him by a messenger of purpose. They were slowly brought to me by the Dutch poste of London, & so was the first that I rxd from your L. for which I thought it not amisse to signifie unto you, that I have alwaies found the Englishe poste of the marchant adventurers of Midelbourg, to be the surest & the speediest. I will ever be carefull to returne a present answere, when any lettre of your L. is delivered unto me. We are newly now advertised that the entended surprise of the Towne of Geertrudenbergh, wherof in my last I writ unto your L. hath bin letted by some accident, in so muche as the attempt was not given by Co. Maurice. But yet the siege doth go forward & the East side of the Towne, which is called the Lang straet is alredy shutt in with 2 regimentes of foote, making 20 ensiegnes, & certaine cornetes of horse, which are all commaunded by Co. Hohenloo: who is said in like manner to have planted 10 peses of great artillery, with intention this daie to beginne a batterie. Co. Maurice with the rest of his forces hath beset the west side, but hath don so litell hithertoo, as some hope is conceaved of a secret intelligence betwene him & Magires the governor of Gertudenberg who hath sent unto him divers drumers since his forces were landed. It is also knowen that the said Magires is highly discontented, for that by order of the king his goverment is granted to one Monsieur Waterdicke , who hath bin governour there before, & was presently now to enter: albeit within the Towne hee is very ill willed of all the souldiers in garrison. This is all that I knowe of those actions as yet, but as occurrences shall come there shall nothing worthe the writing bee unsignified to your L. & so I take &c. Hage March 22 1592