Letter ID: 0010
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.22r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0010/008
Date: 24 September 1593


Sir I can not sufficiently thanke you for the good inclination you bea[re to] the cause of these partes and thendevor used to that ende in the delivery [of] her Majesties lettre to the States generall: which, of what effect yt was ad[.] fitly yt, [came] I understood by Monsieur Sytsma, whoe was sent the[.] to procure the sendinge of more men is also that you take in soo go[.] my conversation and dealing during the time I was Counsellor of [.] though I know /not that/ the same was such as deserves to be had in so good re[mem] brance as you please to accepte yt, I have in lyke, manner partic[.] your wryting unto the deputed states of this Province my fellow brethren whoe thanke you alsoo very much for your good offices with declar[ation] that they rest at all tymes bownde and willinge with thanckfull acknowledge the same / They have desyred that I should request [.] to hold a hand in the matter and furder yt to thende that according [.] resolution taken / the counsel of State or at least somme of [.] may come hither to order all things for the most good: youe may [.] easely parceave what service they may doo especially yf yt ple[.] your selfe to be here present with them, wherby those of Groeningen wh[.] are diversly affected because of owr Campes neerenesse, mighte [.] harken to reason though very [yealouse] by cause of [.] guestis the [Gunnelandes] and that they see that many of [.] parties are [.] com & followers of the Co. William our Governor which might here be remedyed and this scruple taken away from them yf so be [.] otherwise they would hearken to reasonable conditions which wer [.] necessitie wil draw them to doo likewise it were very [.] that wee in these long and excessive charges were eased by thother Provinces and the Counsell, for otherwise yt willbe impossible for [us] to continew the same, and yet ere the cause should go backwarde [(] would rayther doo more then we are wel hable imploying all meanes and credit (which ys better then our power) to bring to pass[e .] the thing which otherwise would be impossible with intent that th[e] matter being now brought so farre & the occasion so fitly sarved one had rather to strayne him selfe to thuttermost, so to hold [and] preserve somme part then to put or lett yt hange longer in daunge[r] and perill of loosing the whole, from which the good god I trust keepe us and after this continual burthen at last ease us Pr[.] you and thother of the Counsell of state (in regard of owr earnes[t] zeale and goodwils above our might to compas that desyred; to hol[d] a good hande to the furtheringe of the same (whereto trusting [.] will trouble you at this tyme no longer though I could shew you [.] aswell of thopportunity as the manner how the matter migh[t] be handled, but referre all till the coming of the counsellor [.] committing you after my most humble commendations to the tri[cion] of thalmightie. Lewarden the 24 September 1593 stilo veter[o] Yours in all service Kevin van Doma.