Letter ID: 0007
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.10br-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0007/008
Date: 11 February 1593



Later Addition: 1593 stilo Romano xv February To Master Bodly

Sir. The States have wrytten often to her M[ajesty to] understand her Majesties Resolution for the Contin[uance] of her Succours, as /to/ you may appeare by [her] Majesties Answer which doth make mention of t[.] fect of their lettres or at lest the substanti[al] Points therof, I do send you the Copy which [.] leade you to a Concurrency in your Neg[oti-] ations, and for any further Circumstan[ce] now you ar acquainted with her Majesties o[.] there need no Addition (of my Part) [to] one of your Experience and wisdome. For your Particuler, concerning your Re[turne] I protest to you I can yeld no Ma[.] of reason why it is deferred (having [been] so often moved by your freends) saving [.] this, that her Majesty is so throghly parswade[d of] your sufficiency for her service, as she do[th not] Imagine that any can so well dischardge it, and [there] fore you must take it as a bad E[ffect] of a good Cause, and let it not tro[uble you] for I hope she will /shortly/ yeld to your desir[e] uppon all Motions at the Point of yeldi[ng .] yet not resolute in Granting, In this [.] all your Causes to my power I wilbe ready to do you pleasure And so for this tyme /be/ take you to gods Protection From the Court this xj of February 1592 Yowr loving and assured freend Robert Cecyll