Letter ID: 1422
Reference: Kent U1475, C18/27, fol.282r - 283v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1422/008
Date: 16 September 1592



Addressed: To my honorable friend Sir Ro. Sidney knight L. Gouvernor of Flushing.

Later Addition: 16 Sep 1592

Later Addition: Master Bodley



Later Addition: Sir Tho Bodley to Sir Robert Sydney

Your L. letter of your hand was my first certaine tidinges of your good recoverie: for which it was welcome a thousand times more. I hope that Captain Browne hath receaved my letter and is satisfied fully of my affection to his suite, if it lay in my power. There are 4 of the companies of your garrison required by name to be shipped for France, of which his is one, and Captain Purleis, for whome Sir Matthew Morgan should be sent out of France. And fo for the other two, to witte Captain Ran- dolphe and Captain Ratcliffe, Sir Coniers Clif- ford and Captain Foulkes. If the troupe of Sir Matthew Morgan be not sent, there is nothing writte to me, what order should be taken. But I knowe your L. understanding her Majesties earnestnes, to have these companies for France, and knowing what is requisit for the assurance of your garrison, will take a fitte corse to give high /her/ Highnes contentment. But if yow should not send them both, me thinkes in regard of Sir Francis Veres company there may one of them be spared conveniently Your L. I am sure, will dispose of all thinges for the best: for which I trouble yow no further, but with my hartiest commendations From the Hage September 16 1592 Your L. at comaundement Tho. Bodley.