Letter ID: 1416
Reference: Kent U1475, C18/21 fol.208r-209v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1416/008
Date: 10 March 1592



Addressed: A Monsieur Monsieur de Sidney chevalier et gouverneur de la ville de Vlissingnes.

Later Addition: 10 March 1591.



Later Addition: Sir Thomas Bodley to Sir Robert Sydney

I doe not wonder a whitte at that maner of proceeding of my masters of Zeland. For I assure your L. I did never yet perceave any harty good will, in any one of this people, ether towardes her Majestie or any one of our na- tion. Our good offices, and good cariadge, bothe towardes this state in general and to- wardes some in particular, may have forced some one, or some fewe, to make a shewe at some time of frindship and good will, but undoub- tedly in a cause of any moment, yow shall see them so falter in the duties of affection, as a man would hardly credit, that their plaines were accompanied, with suche notable cunning It is a great while agoe, sins by meanes of my imploiments, I have noted in their actions their badde disposition. And therfore for my self, without any jote of respect, to their favors or disfavors, what is fitte to be per- fourmed for her Majesties service, I doe it roun- dly and uprightly. And for ought I can perceave, in regard of their good willes, I may account as muche upon it, as any other that is heere of her Majesties ministers.

Their dealing with your L. was too too rude and injurious. But what will yow have? It is not possible to drawe wine out of vessels full of vineger. In my opinion, it was greatly requisit, that yow should write, as yow did, to the states of that place, to the end they might not thinke, that they walke fol.208v
invinsible. But I knowe they will answear yow with courtesie and wordes, and litle to the purpose for your satisfaction. This I can assure yow, that there was never no ouverture of that exploit to this councel, untill they heard it had failed. To impart to your L. as yow desire by your letter, my simple advise, me thinkes, that for the better manifestation of the wronge don unto yow, and to her Majestie in your person, and for your owne discharge heereafter, it will be needefull yow should signifie that abuse to this Councel as being appointed by the Contract to manege all affaires appertening to these warres, and to give yow audience to any motion, that shall tende to the service of her Majestie or preserva- tion of the place, that is committed to your charge. Your L. writing to them, to suche effect, as yow please, if yow send your letter unto me, I will accompany the deliverie with some verbal remonstrance. At this very present, Count Maurice is abroade about some ma- ter of surprise, as we are persuaded, upon the towne of Mastricht: which is also attempted without the privitie of this Councel: wherat they doe disdaine, and purpose, as they say, to tell him plainely of it. Sir Francis Vere is also with him, and hath imparted nothing to me: wherat I mervell very muche. But of this I would say more, if I were in any place, to conferre with yow by worde. fol.209r
For truly, to speake planely, I am flatly of opinion, that continuall soothing, and courting, and flattering /of some persons/ that we knowe, or may knowe to be alienat in hart from her Majestie and the nation, doth but give them more occasion, to watche a fitte opportunitie, when their turne may best be served, to abuse the good meaning of her Majesties owne servants, to her notable prejudice. But that it is a mater not fitte for inke and paper, I would hold you longer with this talke, which nowe I leave to your discretion, and wishe your self and your estate that happe that your hart doth chiefest desire. From the Hage. 10 March 1591. Your L. most affectionat and at commaundement. Tho. Bodley.