Letter ID: 1202
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.366r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1202/008
Date: 20 December 1592



Later Addition: Belgia 1592 20 December To Sir Thomas Henage

May it please your H. to be certified, that I have lately receaved that lettre of your H. wherein yow signifie unto me, howe gratiously her Majestie accepted of my present. Which hath eased my mind of a great deale of feare, for that I doubted my judgement in the choise of the same. And yet I thought it not unworthy to be seene of her Highnes both because it was rare for glasse and enamel, and because I was assurred, upon the credit of the workman, that he had /had/ never before seen /made/ the like made /before,/ nor made the like himself /before,/ nor would not undertake, it was so tedious /troblesom/ unto him, to make the like heereafter. And if I chaunced to committe any grosse incongruitie in the beau- tifieng of it, I would be glad to cast the fault upon my living so long in this lumpishe aire of Holland, which hath made me more then ever Crassum et Batavum, and out of tune alto- gether for daintie conceates. But yet I hope in some part I may be refined, when her Highnes shall be pleased to licence my returne. And as your H. in that behalf hath delivered the ti- dinges of her welcome promise, so I humbly beseche yow, to notifie for me my most duti- full thankes. I protest unto your H. in regard of my desire to satisfie her Majestie it is nether the time, that is weerisome /tedious/ unto me, albeit I have bin heere for fower yeres together, [nor] fol.366v
yet the qualitie of my service, having alwaies ha[d] to deale with /an/ no /un/pleasing kind of people, but I am very muche pressed in my privat estate, to solicit my returne assoone as is possible. And yet it is n[.] my estate that is deerer unto me then her Majesties con- tent: but my care is to provide for the one and the other. For which I hold my self happy, that this oppor tunitie is presented unto me, to recommend my petition to your Honorable furtherance. I am very well assured, that my singular good Lady the Countesse of Warwicke, will insist as she hath be /in her motion/ gonne, till my licence /shall/ be signed: and if your H. in like maner will vouchesafe your helping hand, I shall obtene, I doe not doubt, a /very/ speedy revo cation. I can not crave it as a benefit, that I have any way deserved, or as having any meanes to deserve it in time, but onely upon hope that a thankfull acknowledgement, and the offer of my service in all your occasions, is as much as you expect that I should parfourme: and so I know I shall be able, and will allwayes endevour to deserve it of your Honour. Wherwith I take my humble leave. From the Hage. December 20 1592.