Letter ID: 1199
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.363r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1199/008
Date: 16 November 1592
Note: The subscription runs perpendicular in the left hand margin.
Copy of: 0425



Endorsed: To my L. Tresurer 16 November 1592



Later Addition: 1592 16 November To my L. Treasurer

May it please your good L. Heere is litle other mater to be written unto yow, then that which hath already bin signified in my former. This Councel and Count Maurice have bin earnest with the states, to intreat her Majestie by letter, that after a certaine time the companies appointed for the service of Britaine, may be sent backe againe. What course will be taken, I can not understand. For though the motion at first was flatly rejected, yet sins it hath bin urged in more vehement maner. And what reason they might have, not to sue unto her Highnes for continuance of her succors, I can not otherwise conjecture, then I noted to your L. the 10 of October. For these are maters debated in their secret assem- blies, and not imparted unto me, but by suche meanes of privat frindes, as are not offred very often.

For the Convoy of their shippes, that are gone for Bourdeaulx, it was resolved of late, that there should be 4 shippes of warre armed out of Zeland, and 6 out of Holland /with 2 monethes victuals/. The Hollanders were unready, when the winde came about: for whiche the Marchants sette saile about 8 daies agoe, and were onely accompanied with the forsaid shippes of Zeland The 6 shippes of Holland are nowe in a readines: [and] because they are furnished with 2 monethes victuals /provisi[on it]/ is meant they shall be sent to the coast of France[to] attend the returne of their Marchants from Bour[deaulx] and in the meane time, to doe suche service to the K[ing] as his occasions may require. I am also in [some] hope, that where /at/ the /end of/ 2 monethes victuals are ex[.] for which time they are stoared, they shall be /further releived/ longer /after/ contiued /upon the self same course/ /and continued there still/ to which effect I have also dealt with d[ivers in privat] whome I find well [inclined .] From the Hage 16 November 1592 Your L. most humbly bouden Tho. Bodley